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paper diamond lanterns

Paper party lanterns

Bright paper lanterns are one of my favorite ways to decorate for a late summer party. They give just the right burst of festive fun to an outdoor space. I love to see them hanging them in trees and surrounded by candles for an evening party.

Normally geometric lanterns are high on the difficulty scale, since I am definitely opposed to difficult summer projects we made this DIY version incredibly simple. Simple enough even the kids can help make them. Plus the lanterns are light enough to weather the summer evening wind in style.

Bright party lanterns

Party lanterns on A Subtle Revelry

To make the geometric paper lanterns, you’ll need; kitchen skewers, bright tissue paper, and glue.

DIY party lanterns

DIY party lanterns

Connect the skewers into a diamond shape with glue – hot glue works the best for quickly making a stash of these. The shapes larger or smaller based on your preference. Then cover with the bright tissue paper, gently gluing to the sides as you go.

Hang with a string and enjoy a summer filled with festive party vibes… no matter who your company might be.

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