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Paper Lantern Instillation

A paper lantern instillation is a festive and calming way to decorate this season. Make it now and enjoy the glow all winter long as it becomes a permanent decor piece to brighten up your home.

To design your own paper lantern instillation you will need – cardboard inner from a toilet or kitchen roll, double sided tape, white thick paper, white rice or tissue paper, hole punch, cord, toothpick and flickering tea lights.

Measure the height of the flickering tea light, and use the same height to cut the toilet roll, approximately 2cm, this will be used as the bottom. Cut the top, height, +/- 1 cm. Measure the circumference of the toilet roll. You can choose the height of the rice paper, make it +/- 1cm wider than your measurement.

Glue the 2 pieces of toilet roll, wrap your rice paper around, glue the vertical edge of your rice paper and secure. You have created the inner of your lantern.

Measure and cut a piece of white thick paper that is +/-2cm taller and +/-1cm wider than your rice paper. Draw and cut series of slits that are approximately 1cm apart and stop about 1,5cm from the edges. Put pieces of doubles sided tape along bottom and top and wrap the white thick paper around the inner, lining up bottom and top.

Punch holes at the top and put a wooden stick through it so you can hang up the lanterns. Insert a flickering tea light at the bottom (the toilet roll has the same circumference as a tea light).

Make a big round out of a cardboard, punch holes in it and start to hang up your lanterns at different heights to install the instillation. It looks beautiful for the holiday season and all year long. Make the lanterns in multiples to line a reception, adorn a bridal shower, or hang a set permanently above a cozy reading nook to enjoy all year long.

Project by V. Senorans Osorio for A Subtle Revelry, The Holiday Issue.

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