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Paper lettered wrapping

Paper letter Mother's Day wrapping

Although jewels and bling are nice for mom. What I really want on Mother’s Day is a thoughtful gift that expresses the love and creativity of my kids – a little bling on the side never hurts. :) Including something thoughtful and something nice (like a new set of bangles) is a great way to celebrate mom. This paper letter wrapping project is an art piece in itself. Filled with a shiny something special it will make mom feel like the entire world is hers this weekend.

Paper letter wrapping

Paper letter wrapping for mom & dad

Paper letter Father's Day wrapping

The word packages work great for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. Dad will feel equally as special being gifted his new tie in the shape of his name. Or opt for something really fun and wrap up his favorite jerkys + a year subscription to try out new ones.

Paper letter wrapping

To make the paper lettered wrapping we started with brown craft paper (a grocery store bag will give a similar look).

Begin by painting the paper in full. Large brushstrokes and colorful lines will make the letters come to life like an abstract painting!

Once the paint has dried, cut out the letters – you will need two matching letters to create each part of the package. Download our full page font template right here for an easy way to create the letters, use a stencil, or freehand draw for an even more home crafted look.

Paper letter wrapping

Once the letters are cut out, sewing the sides together is a cinch! Sew along the sides about 80% of the way. Then stuff the present inside and sew the rest of the way up. You can use a sewing machine, or hand sew the edges. It’s possible to even glue the sides if a kid-friendly project is what you need.

Let’s celebrate mom in style! Here are 25 crafted ideas for Mother’s Day.

(Photography ©A Subtle Revelry by Erin Holland).

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