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Paper Mache DIY Flower Vase

With spring here all I want is flowers… everywhere! This paper mache DIY flower vase is great for displaying all the blooms and spring finds we can grab. I love the idea of making 5-7 of them to line the Easter brunch table, or creating just a couple to brighten up a corner of the house (like this one on our coffee table). The vases are easy to make with our paper mache recipe below.

Paper Mache

The organic shape of the vases coupled with the brightly colored paint lines make for a refreshing update for showcasing our favorite spring flowers all around the house. If you’ve never done paper mache before, its super easy! I’m excited to show you how to paper mache.

If you’re looking for a fun way to make these even more creative – pair the vases with one of these flower love quotes and create a custom look to gift anyone special.

Paper Mache Recipe

How to paper mache

How To Paper Mache

A paper mache DIY flower vase also makes a perfect gift or everything from Easter hostessing to Mother’s Day. What other type of painting would mom love more than a vase crafted by your own hands? The kids can even get in on the fun and craft their own paper mache vases to give to grandma or their favorite teacher. With a simple project that brings this much pretty design bang, the gifting options are endless.

Paper Mache Flower Vase

Paper Mache craft ideas

Paper Mache how to

Paper Mache Recipe

To create your own paper DIY flower vase you will need:

  • Newspaper cut into about 4 inch long strips
  • Fabric Stiffener
  • Mason jars
  • Paint in a couple fun colors

Paper Mache Crafts

1. Start by dipping the newspaper strips into the stiffener and wrapping around the mason jar. Build out and up as you go until the paper is covered into any organic shape desired. Allow this to fully dry for about a day.

Colorful paper mache vases

2. Once the paper mache is dry, grab the paint and create your own flower friendly work of art. Although we picked a bright water color palette for these vases inspired by our pumpkins right here. You could create numerous different looks by going subtle or stark with the paint.

Paper Mache DIY Flower Vase

I’m so obsessed with this fun display that will easily brighten up the house today. That’s what my vision of our #FestiveHome is all about!

PS. Creative ideas for gifting flowers.

(Photography ©A Subtle Revelry by Ashlyn Savannah Photo).

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