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Fun and Easy DIY Paper Lanterns

Inside: Easy DIY paper lanterns

We’ve been working on getting our patio party ready before the summer season sets in. It is in desperate need of a bright burst of fun. Paper and ribbon to the rescue – of course! Today we are showing you how to make a lantern out of paper, they are so cute and festive!


diy paper lanternseasy Paper party lanterns

These DIY paper lanterns will be great for Cinco De Mayo festivities, and they’ll bring a bright vibe for all our summer deck parties. I love the combo of light inside and bright ribbon on the outside that gives the lanterns an amazing glow – no matter the time of day.

how to make a lantern out of paper

DIY Paper Lanterns

To make the easy DIY paper lanterns you will need a 12×12 piece of scrapbook paper, a couple of lengths of bright ribbon, scissors, glue, a hole punch and fishing wire for hanging.

easy diy paper lanterns

How to make a lantern out of paper

Start by forming the lantern out of the paper. To make the lantern; cut 4-5 two inch triangular slits along the bottom end of the paper. Next circle the two sides of the paper together and glue into place, this will give you a cylinder with one pointy slit end. Begin folding the triangles over each other and gluing into place to form the flat bottom of the lantern.

Once the basic lantern is formed, add detail to the top with a hole punch. The holes look pretty during the day, and help to bring the light out once the sun goes down. Pick a couple of your favorite color ribbons and glue to the bottom of the lantern.

The DIY paper lanterns make for gorgeous party decorations, the kind that I plan to leave up and enjoy every day!

diy Paper party lanterns

The next step is to add the candle, this is the part that made me almost burn my house down last week. I’ll share more about the fun that was on Friday.

For now, just please know… The light needs to be enclosed in a glass vessel (mason jars work great!) Open flame + DIY paper lanterns. You can probably do the math:) Slide the jar and candle into each lantern and finish by tying a length of fishing wire to each for hanging.

Paper party lanterns project

A few more fun porch ideas

Creating a fun and festive porch is one of my favorite things to do, here a few more fun ideas to go along with these DIY paper lanterns.

easy diy Paper party lanterns

Here’s to a festive porch, easy DIY paper lanterns and a happy month of parties to us all!

Photography by Jocelyn Noel for A Subtle Revelry.

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  1. LOL i had to laughted at your story at the end.
    it had probably made the same accident like you.LOL
    but i love this project, and smart to add the jars inside.
    lovely idea, and i think as well to make.
    thank you for the sharing and the tute;-D

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