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paper pumpkins

We had a gathering of friends over this weekend to carve pumpkins. There are more photos to come but I couldn’t wait to show you these little paper mache pumpkins. They were easy to make and looked sweet strung up as bunting for our afternoon. We stuffed each one with pumpkin seeds which allowed them to double as simple fall favors.

The DIY for these miniature pumpkins is so easy, you could definitely whip up a basket before next weekends festivities.

First you will need to blow up 2 inch balloons, one per pumpkin. Cover each balloon in 2-3 layers of white tissue paper dipped in Modge Podge (or a half glue/half water mixture will also work). String all the covered balloons up and let dry over night. Once the balloons are dry and the tissue is firm, use scissors to gently pop each balloon and pull it out from the form.

Next take orange embroidery thread and hand-sew through the balloon opening of each pumpkin down straight to the bottom. Bring the string up around the side to make your line and repeat eight times around the pumpkin. Top each pumpkin with a pretty stem made from fabric glued and rolled onto floral wire.



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