Am I the only one who has a substantial stash of pretty paper straws in my party closet?

I’m just going to assume you do to! We all do. ;)

Here is a super easy way to have those straws brighten an upcoming party, even when the summer drink sipping is long gone. We used all the paper straw leftovers to create this garland that is colorful and comes together in a pinch. Pair it with a piñata for a an easy peasy party scene.

Paper Straw Garland

To create paper straw garlands, you will need:

  • Paper straws, in desired colors and patterns
  • Cotton string
  • Plastic yarn needle (optional)
  • Beads with wide holes (plastic or wooden work best)

1. Cut a length of string in the desired length, allowing an extra 12 inches for hanging.

2. String the straws by holding the straw vertically, and then sliding the string into the top and letting it come out the bottom. If the string doesn’t have enough weight to slide through the straw, use the plastic needle to give it weight.

3. Be creative… add the beads wherever desired. Or, cut two lengths of string, and string both through one bead, then thread each string through a different straw, then go back to one bead, etc.. Straws can also be cut into different lengths for visual interest.

4. To create the triangle garland, cut two lengths of string (one should be about 50% longer). String both lengths through one straw. Then string one length through one straw, and the other length through two straws. Now string both lengths through one straw again. That is the first triangle… repeat to make as many as desired.

5. When the garland is complete, use a bead at each end so that the string can be knotted around the bead… if a bead is not used, the knot will slide into the straw, and the straws will come off the string.

The straws can be used over and over, in different patterns and color combinations… on the mantel, on a window, on a wall – this repurposed craft is an easy party win!

PS. Clothespin party supplies for that other leftover you may have sitting around! ;)

(Photo concept, design and photography ©A Subtle Revelry by Elizabeth Veilleux).