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Paper Succulent Garden


Paper Succulent Garden

Keeping pretty flowers is weird this time of year. We have a day that’s 70 and then the next day is freezing with snow!?! So goes early spring in the mountains. Instead of fighting with nature, I think it is super fun to just create our own florals. We can use tissue paper, faux floralscoffee filters, or fabric to make a pretty flower bouquet.

This newest DIY floral idea, creating a paper succulent garden might be my favorite paper flower craft yet! Cacti, succulents, and mini trees as so fun to make – no sun needed. They are sure to liven up any chilly spring day.

Create a bright selection of these to keep on your desk, as favors for a party, or to give away as small token of kindness to your favorite friends.

Paper Succulent Garden

Paper Succulent Garden

To make a similar paper succulent garden you will need:

Paper Succulent Garden

Paper Succulent Garden

  1. Print out the cactus template onto the colored paper of choice.
  2. Cut along the outer lines and cut along any interior dotted lines.
  3. Put the cactus together and freehand the leaf plants. Glue to hold together.
  4. Add any extra elements like the fringe, or hand sewn leaf centers.
  5. Craft a “pot” box for each of the succulents.
  6. Glue the succulents into the boxes and allow to dry before displaying the bright paper garden.

(Photography ©Beatrix Boros/Stocksy United).


  • Traci
    February 18, 2016 at 10:23 am

    So fun and clever. I might tone down the colors a little bit but I just love this idea.

  • pimion
    July 13, 2016 at 2:35 am

    That’s definitely my type of plants. Being an in-house research paper writer, I always lack time. It always happens so that all my real plants die as I forget to water them. Paper plants are a brilliant solution! I would also sprinkle them with perfumes.

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