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Paper umbrella drink stirs

Paper umbrella drink stirs >> Free to print

It was cold and stormy all weekend, how fitting that tomorrow February 10th is Umbrella Day. In the spirit of celebrating through the storms, and to give us all a bright glimpse of the spring that is… eventually coming, these colorful umbrella drink stirs are great!

They will instantly brighten up any drink with an added touch of glitter and colorful paper fun. The paper umbrellas are just what we need for perking up a gathering when it is gloomy outside. They will be a welcome addition for covering all the spring showers (baby, bridal etc) coming our way. I mean how can you go wrong with a bright umbrella adorning drinks at a shower!?! Since these umbrellas are multi-colored, they will easily match any party theme!

Colorful umbrella drink stirs >> Free to print

Paper umbrella drink stirs >> Free to print

Paper umbrella drink stirs

To make the paper umbrellas you will need: a color printer, Adobe Reader (free download), thick matte photo paper, scissors, x-acto Knife, double-sided tape, super glue, glitter (you can also glitter paper or glitter nail polish like what I’ve used), bamboo stick, and a mock raspberry peach bellini.

Printable umbrella PDF

Start by downloading the paper umbrella PDF file and print onto thick matte photo paper. Please use Adobe Reader to open the file as it will not work with any other software.


Using scissors, cut the rectangle glitter template, flip it over and paint some glitter polish or stick glitter paper at the back of the template. Wait for it to dry. Using scissors, carefully cut around the umbrella shape. Refer to the scoring guide on the PDF file, score the marks and fold them inward.

Paper umbrella drink stirs. Free to print

When the glitter is dry, flip it back and cut along the shape. Adhere the shape onto the brown colored part of the umbrella. Put adhesive onto the little bit that says “Glue here,” and stick both sides of the umbrella together.

Place a small dab of super glue into the inner part of the umbrella, and press the non-sharp part of the bamboo stick into it. Place the umbrella stir stick into your drink enjoy!

Paper umbrella drink stirs >> Free to print

Paper umbrella drink stirs. Free printable!

These colorful bursts of awesomeness look great with any drink selection for sipping and savoring a moment of brightness this time of year.

PS. No storm outside? These raindrop wall decals will make you feel right at home with the umbrellas.

(Photography and graphics © A Subtle Revelry by Wita Puspita)


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