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Paper wrapped fruit

Paper wrapped fruit basket

It is officially Farmer’s Market season in my part of the world, and I couldn’t be happier! The fresh fruit stands are starting to open up all around. Fruit is one of my favorite party favors/gifts to give this season. Nothing beats a big basket of freshly picked fruits and veggies. It is an especially thoughtful gift for housewarming parties, teacher appreciations, and Mother’s Day.

Instead of gifting fruit on it’s own, a bit of paper and about 30 minutes will turn your thoughtful basket of freshness into a gorgeous display. This simple wrapping job will also transform your basic lemon or peach into a fresh party favor or place setting. Simply write a quick thank you or guest name on each green leaf and enjoy the awesomeness of spring.

Paper wrapped fruit

Paper wrapped fruit

Paper wrapped fruit basket

To make the paper wrapped fruit, you will need 1 piece of colorful paper for each fruit, plus one piece of green paper. You’ll also need scissors, a small hole punch, thread and glue.

Paper wrapped fruit party favors

Paper wrapped fruit

Start by cutting the paper into 1/2 inch lengths. We used about 7 of these strips for each fruit. Begin layering the strips flat out into an asterisk or star shape, gluing each strip on top of the next. Cut out 1-3 small green leaves for each fruit.

Punch a small hole in the top of each strip and thread a thin threaded needle through the holes. Hole punch each leaf and thread the string through these as well.

Place the fruit inside the wrapping and begin to pull the thread to close the fruit. Tie off and cut near the leaf.

Paper wrapped fruits

I love these guys so much, I might just keep my kitchen counter fruit wrapped up this way all season long. Make your wrapping in colors that align with the fruits (yellow for lemons, peach for peaches), or go a different route and make your fruit even brighter by adding in various colors and textures. Anyway it is created – fresh fruit and cute wrapping for the summer party win!

(Photography ©A Subtle Revelry by Erin Holland)

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