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Paperclip Garland

If your room is in need of a last minute party update, look no further than your home office. Pulled out and locked together, a simple strand of paperclips moonlight as festive party garland in moments. Quick designs like this allow you to celebrate in colorful style this spring, no matter how pressed for time you might be.

In terms of effort, this garland is more like an office supply upgrade, than actual project. To make the garland, simply pull out a container of paperclips and attach together to form the garland. Once fully stranded, wrapping the garland around a cardboard wrapping tube or piece of poster-board will keep it from getting kinked before hanging. The garland is light, so a couple pieces of tape, or a couple small thin nails, should do the trick for hanging. They look especially pretty when layered by colors at varying heights.

P.S. Lava cake and paper clip hearts

Photography in collaboration with Pictilio for A Subtle Revelry.

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  1. I used to make these in school all the time but never thought of them as legitimate decoration. I really like the idea! Maybe I’ll make a few to decorate my office :)

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