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Park Play Snacks On The Go

This park play snacks post has been sponsored by Gerber®. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Now that the weather is nicer, we love to run to the park after school. I don’t know about you, but I have a love//hate relationship with our local parks. On one hand, they are great for the kids to get out and burn energy, but inevitably… they run back to me hungry and crabby from all the wear.

To combat this, I always bring along a bag of park games to play that don’t need massive equipment to deal with and lately I bring along NEW Gerber® Organic Coconut Water Splashers, Mango Peach Carrot and my favorite Gerber snacks to make the transition from school to play seamless and without any signs of hanger. Hanger = hungry + anger ;)

Great snacks + a few fun games up my sleeve make our park times so much fun!

This trick I’ve learned throughout the years to bring along our own park play games has changed my entire expectation of the park situation. Maybe it’s just our parks, but often the equipment will be too crowded, too hot, or—for my older kids—too boring. Unless we go to a big kid park, then for the younger kids—it’s too high!

Instead of stressing about the park equipment, we bring our own fun along. This way as soon as one kid gets tired of playing (while the rest are having fun), we can do something else together.

Park games to play

Here are the best park games I’ve learned to bring along to play:

  1. Large scale yard dominos, which are really fun to play in the grass and another kid often will wander over and take over my role of playing in the game
  2. A large scale jigsaw puzzle is another fun park game diversion to bring along
  3. Our favorite large bouncy ball
  4. Jump rope
  5. Hide the (….) whatever is in your purse will work for this. Have the kids cover their eyes and hide it somewhere in the park to be found. This will keep them happy and busy, especially if there’s a little candy treat for whoever finds it the fastest
  6. Lawn twister (really any of these fun yard games work wonderfully)

The second part of our park success chain is to be sure we have the right types of park play snacks for the kids. I like to pack Gerber® Organic Popped Crisps, Green & Yellow Peas and Gerber® Organic Coconut Water Splashers, Mango Peach Carrot because they are easy to bring along and give my kids the perfect amount of oomph to get us through park time.

The new organic Gerber snacks are made with real non-GMO ingredients. This is great because I like them to be fueled by wholesome, nutritious, organic foods – allowing them to continue the fun all afternoon.

Buy it now:

Ingredients I love, with a taste the kids love. You can grab your own park play snacks for on-the-go in the baby section at your local Safeway. And make every park date and every bite count.

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