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7 Party Games for Teens

Party Games for Teens

Get the laughter flowing at a party by playing some simple games. Party games don’t have to be reserved just for parties only.  They can be played at family gatherings and at home with a few friends!

It can be tricky convincing your teenagers that it’s ‘cool’ putting down their phones to play a game together, instead of being tempted to take a selfie for five minutes.

But the wonderful news is that it can be done with the right party games!

What are these magical games I hear you ask? It would be rude for me to keep them all to myself so here it is!

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1.Wink, Wink, Murder

Eye contact is crucial for this game, so no looking at your Instagram through the game. Have eyes for each other only!

The game includes one assassin, who can be chosen by preparing little pieces of paper for each guest. The word ‘victim’ is written on all but one paper, which will read ‘assassin.’ 

Fold up the papers and place them in a bowl to be ready for everyone to pick a paper during the party. Prepare this in advance of the party.

The goal of the game is that the ‘victim’ guests must try and figure out who the assassin is before he kills them all! The assassin kills by winking at the victims.

If you are killed, don’t give away who is the assassin to the others.

This game can be played after dinner at the table, or the players can sit in a circle outside around a campfire. The game is versatile so it can be played in most venues no matter what your party theme is.

2. Hit it!

Party Games for Teens

This is the original piñata game! It’s even more fun making and filling up your own piñata if you have enough preparation time.

Here is how to make a piñata:

  • Balloons, newspaper, and PVA glue.
  • Blow up the balloons. Don’t limit yourself to the standard round balloon, you can also use big balloons in all shapes and sizes.
  • Pour PVA glue into a bowl and rip up newspaper into hand-sized pieces.
  • Dip the newspaper pieces in the glue and place them on the balloon.  
  • Cover the whole balloon with the gluey newspaper and wait until it is completely dry.
  • Where you tie the balloon will be the only part not covered in the newspaper. Once dry, pop the balloon and remove it from piñata.
  • Fill the piñata up with goodies and seal the hole.
  • Paint and decorate to taste.

See that wasn’t too hard, was it?

You can replace the traditional sweets inside with any cute little items of your choice.

 3. Pin the tail on the donkey.

Who remembers this classic?

Blind fold the player and the onlookers are to direct the player in the direction of the tail. If the player succeeds to pin the tail then give ‘em a prize!

This can be made even more fun by printing a big picture of the teen hosting the party, minus his or her nose.  Now you have changed the game to pin the nose on the teen!

4. Pop It

Younger teens will love this as a wonderful opportunity to run around and get some energy out!

One of the teens is ‘it,’ meaning they have to run around after the others. The other teens need to tie a balloon on to a string and wrap it around their waist, with the balloon at the back.

The designated ‘it’ must pop the other players balloon, the last one standing wins! Great as an indoor or outdoor activity!

5. Splash it (Summer version of ‘Pop it’)

The game differs slightly from ‘Pop it’ as it must be played outside. The rules stay the same, however, the players with the balloons need to hold water filled balloons above their heads.

Any player that is not running with the water balloons held above their head are eliminated from the round. Prior to the party write out forfeit cards that the teens will find humorous to use during the game. 

Ahhh what a refreshing and fun game to play at a beach or pool party don’t you think?

6. Pass the Parcel with a Twist. 

Party Games for Teens

It is so last decade to wrap up a prize having little treats under each layer of wrapping paper.

Offer a ‘super prize’ for the winner, anything that matches the group of teens’ hobbies and interests. This can cover anything from Starbucks vouchers to cinema tickets. I’m sure it will be greatly appreciated!

For the ‘in between’ layers of wrapping paper, for every layer choose a ‘booby trap’ you can throw in to keep everyone on their toes.

Some ideas for ‘boobie traps:’

  • Truth or Dare card.
  • A fine of $5 to pay to the person on your left.
  • ‘Miss a Turn’ card 
  • A ‘sweet’ trick, for example, chewing gum that makes your mouth go black.
  • ‘In service’ card. The unlucky teen recipient of this card must serve one round of drinks to the rest of the guests.
  • Forfeit time activity, like drinking a glass of water while standing on your head.
  • There are probably more ideas you can come up with.

7. Scavenger hunt

Last but certainly not least, the good old scavenger hunt! This can be played indoors or outdoors.

Outdoors is the more fun and flexible option as the teens can continue playing this game in the dark.  To make this game more challenging, arm everyone with a flashlight! 

Whatever you decide to provide the players to scavenge for, the choices can be as simple as some yummy chocolates as well as other cool prizes. 

Link the items to your party theme.  For example, a murder mystery theme can include having the teens scavenge in the dead of night for the clues to help find the murderer.

Parents, you can for sure use some of these ideas and adult-ify them to spice up your social gatherings! This can inject some energy into an otherwise dull family event where you are stuck with your cousin thrice removed and her husband Larry! 

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