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Fun Cupcake liner crafts for fall

This weekend we will be watching the leaves burst into colors. This time of year always makes me smile. These pretty leaves are made from one of my favorite cupcake liner crafts! The simplicity and beauty of this project go hand in hand, only taking me minutes to make!

cupcake liner crafts

The project would take exactly 30 seconds to complete, and I love the look of them hanging from a few branches in the house. Splendid!

DIY cupcake liner crafts

How to make these adorable cupcake liner crafts

You will need

  • White Cupcake liners
  • Paint, diluted with a small amount of water
  • Needle
  • Thread

how to make cupcake liner crafts

To make this cute cupcake liner craft, you will first want to mix your water and paint together. You will want it pretty watery and thin. Once you have dipped each liner, lay them out to dry. When your liners have tried, take a needle and some food safe thread and sting them together!

Cupcake Wrapper Leaves For a Dessert Tree

The painted wrapper leaves can also be a nice way to present sweets deconstructed for a fall party. This cupcake liner craft would make such a pretty showing for dessert – to match the pretty show happening right outside my window. Fall is my favorite!

Another one of my favorite cupcake liner crafts are these adorable flowers!

Project design + photography by Tiger In A Jar for A Subtle Revelry.

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