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office supply pumpkins

Pushin Pumpkins

Confetti pumpkin decorated with office brads

Creating pretty pumpkins without a carving knife isn’t hard with a few office supplies at hand. We used paper brads and pushpins to create these kid friendly, office ready pumpkins at a moments notice. They are festive,  and can be made in five minutes flat – for a very confetti filled Hallow’s Eve.

Paper brad pumpkin decorations

DIY confetti pumpkin with colorful brads

Make the pushpin pumpkins, but pushing simple cork board pins into each pumpkin; the confetti brad pumpkins are made just the same. The ends of paper brads have just the right point to get through the tough skin of the pumpkin. Produce custom designs – or random sets of color for party ready pumpkins.

Gold Confetti Pumpkin With Office Brads

Office Supply PUmpkins

Gold brads grow the design up a bit, while keeping a fun and festive feel. They’re much easier to work with then knives, drills, and nails. Who knew the office supplies could produce so much fun this fall?

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    • Linda, my 4 year olds do pretty great with the push pins. But for the younger crowd – the brads are perfect. Unless they are still in the “put-everything-in-my-mouth-phase” Then you should probably pass on them helping:)

  1. Cute, but kid friendly? The dangers are obvious with push pins, but any small , colorful or bright object may wind up in a chid’s mouth. This is too risky. Even if you do the project alone, you will have to costly monitor the studded pumpkin when any child is around. They just might pluck one of those brads out and put it in their mouth

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