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party hat popsicles

party hat popsicles

Today is the twins last day of preschool – summer officially starts next week! We are ready to enjoy our freedom, the pool, and of course loads of Popsicles.

For a fun last week of school treat I used a stash of party hats to make molds for these extra large Popsicles. They make for quite the fun showing, and they’re an easy stand in if you are still in need of proper Popsicle molds. Here’s to kicking off summer in pure party style!

party hat popsicles

party hat popsicles

You can make the Popsicles out of any type of smoothie or juice. I definitely recommend carrot juice Popsicles – they taste amazing!

To make this extra large party hat version; line a party hat with parchment paper rolled into a cone. Fill the cone with juice. Stick it all in a cup, freeze, and enjoy! We used a plastic bag to catch any spills. The hats created such fabulous party Popsicles cones.

party hat popsicles

party hat popsicles

Allow the Popsicles to freeze for about 20 minutes before sticking the straws in. Use fun colored paper straws (the thicker the better) or large wooden sticks for handles. Happy first week of summer!

PS. My favorite two Popsicles from last year here and here.

(Photography by Jocelyn Noel for A Subtle Revelry)

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  1. It looks like the paper straws weren’t sturdy enough to hold onto – that’s why in the photos everyone’s hands are right under the base of the popsicle. I would suggest putting a little wooden dowel (like a chopstick) inside the straw to add strength. That way you get the decorative function of the straw and the structural function of the dowel.

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