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My favorite party hats

Sprinkle party cake

I’ve always been big fans of party hats. For grown-ups they can be a chance to remember the joys of playing dress-up. And for the kids… well, you don’t need much more than a cake filled with sprinkles and a collection of fabulous hats to turn any garden into a party. I love the idea of hosting a hat making party – set out the supplies, provide directions and let the afternoon take its own turn towards magical.

Sparkle feather headdress

Party hats

I stumbled upon this shoot from a gorgeous Little Miss Galia lookbook, photographed by one of my favorite photographers Jesy Almaguer (who we are doing a big collaboration with this fall!). The style is perfect and, while flipping through the lookbook, I realized most of the hats were ones we’ve done tutorials on in the past. Seeing so many beloved party hats all together on these adorable girls made my heart pitter patter. Honestly, I don’t imagine there could be a better way to celebrate youth and sweetness than adorning those little heads with bright, colorful party hats…

Party hats

Here are some of our favorite tutorials from the archives for making your own fabulous party hats!

1. Sequin feather head dress

2. Floral party crown

3. Top hats (glittered box hats)

4. Glitter birthday crowns

5. Braided leather headdress

6. Confetti sequin crown

7. Plastered in florals

Party hats!

Miniature table, sprinkle cake, a tipi and party hats… And every girls party dreams will in fact come true.

(Photography ©Jesy Almaguer).

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