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DIY Girl Costume

Light up your little gals life with this simple Ikea hack DIY girls costume. This fun and festive vibe will light up even the darkest Halloween night.

DIY girls lantern costume

Party Lantern Halloween Costume

To Make This DIY Girls Costume

You’ll need two large-sized white party lanterns, one small party lantern, glue, and colorful ribbons.

girls halloween costume

Cut an opening to fit around the child’s waist from the tops and bottoms of each of the lanterns. Glue the lanterns together – or use one extra large one like this! Attach two small strings to hold the party lantern up on your child. Combine the colorful ribbons and glue around the top of the lantern to finish it off is pretty party style for the perfect DIY girls costume.

how to make a girls lantern halloween costume

This adorable party lantern headband is the perfect topping for this DIY girls costume! It’s made by cutting the bottom portion of a small lantern and gluing it with the colorful ribbons to the headband.

A few more of my favorite DIY girl costumes include this sparkly heart emoji and this sweet birthday cake costume!

Photography in collaboration with Jocelyn Noel Photography.


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