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4 Awesome Party Photo Shoot Ideas

What is the point of a party unless you can have so much fun that you’ll be talking about it for years to come?

This year, no matter what the occasion, why not plan a party photo shoot to make it even more fun remembering that special day?

From birthdays, to graduations, weddings and even holiday gatherings, there’s always some sort of ‘theme’ you’d like to pursue. Here are some awesome party photo shoot ideas you can try on your next event.

1. Cosplay Gathering

cosplay gathering

At the moment, people pay huge sums to get tickets to cosplay events near and far. Why not plan your next party around a cosplay theme of your choosing?

It could be superheroes, anime, period settings or whatever your heart desires. What about a Harry Potter birthday theme for your teen’s next birthday?

You can go with space themes, Roblox, Minecraft or whatever strikes your fancy. Just have everyone dress as a character in the theme and then the photo shoot fun begins.

2. Candid Shots for Surprisingly Good Humor

candid group photo

One of the main problems with photo shoots for parties is that we try to pose all the guests and that’s not really what parties are all about.

This time around, take turns having people take candid shots as they see them and because of the availability of a unique app, a background changer online, there is no need to pose anyone.

Just find a background that fits the theme of your party and voila! The only thing better would be professional shots by a photographer and even that would be doubtful. Who can act naturally knowing there is a photographer in the room?

3. Posed Group Stills

Posed Group Stills

If you have a mobile phone with an HD camera then all you need is a tripod. Some of the pictures you will want to be in and if you are running around snapping candid shots, you won’t be in the memories you are collecting.

A few posed stills are a great idea as long as everyone acts as whacky as the normally would at a party. Just set the timer on your camera and let the fun begin.

Program the phone to shoot at specified intervals so that you can capture real interaction with the group. Snap as many or as few as you want, but don’t actually ‘pose.’ Just be there with the group making funny faces, tipping a mug, or doing whatever it is you do when you are gathered.

4. Themes, Themes and More Themes

themed photoshoot

There are probably volumes written about the various themes you can choose for the parties you host, so let your imagination run wild.

It doesn’t have to be a cosplay theme. However, since you will almost certainly be using a background changer, dressing in character does help. Does your little girl want to be Ariel?

Then plan a poolside party where there is water that can easily be blended into a sparkling blue ocean. From pirate parties for the lads or techno for the young adults, you can choose any theme that strikes your fancy, knowing that your photos will be transformed the moment you hit the app.

It’s not so much about the exact party idea as it is what to do with them to capture the memory for always. With the relatively low cost of great mobile phone photo technology today, most phones come equipped with suitable cameras and video recording capabilities.

You can even capture stills from the vids! The best idea of all is to just have a good time and get it all in digital format so you can have fun playing with the shots you love best.