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party hack 01 | photo in a bottle

Happy Friday! Excited to announce a new mini-series for this fall – party hacks. Each Friday I plan to share a little this or that to encourage weekend celebrating. Each hack will be simple and easy enough to do during your lunch hour (or nap-time) before the guests arrive.

Taking an empty bottle and placing a photo inside might be the simplest idea of them all. We are hosting some friends for drinks this weekend and having photos lining our table hits that perfect, “I care – but am not crazy” note for a small gathering. Use the idea to display birthday photos, a couples history for an anniversary party, or your favorite seasonal artwork. Adhere the photos to the outside with pretty tape, or let them rest inside once the bottles are completely dry.

PS. My favorite fall cocktail and how to make waterproof drink labels.

Styled by Alli Michelle. Photography by Andrea Doizer for A Subtle Revelry.

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