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Fun Paw Patrol Birthday Party Game Ideas – A Guide

So you’ve decided upon a Paw-Patrol themed birthday party for your child. You’ve chosen the birthday cake, the designs and party favors, and the music. 

Tip: Remember, when you are organizing your party try to represent all the show’s characters. Children who are familiar with this popular show will each have their personal favorites. Including all of them will make everyone at the party happy.

You probably already know all there is to know about the popular animated children’s television show. But if you don’t, now is a good time to acquaint yourself with the show’s collection of colorful characters. Make sure you bone up (pardon the pun) on Ryder, Rubble, Chase, Zumba, and the rest of the search and rescue crew. 

As the adult organizing the party, you better be prepared to answer some basic questions about the TV show. Refreshing yourself on the show’s basic details will also open your eyes to different possibilities for the party. 

Fun Paw Patrol Birthday Party Game Ideas

Now you have to decide upon some fun games to play with the kids. Speak to the birthday boy/girl and see if you can create your own games! With some cooperative brainstorming, the two of you can even create your own games to share online with others. 

For an awesome party that is sure to entertain your child’s friends, you are going to need a lot of fun games to play with them. Fortunately, we have done the legwork for you and collected a list of exciting party games. Feel free to select the games that you want. Don’t try to include all of them. The important thing is that everyone has a lot of fun. 

Let the games begin! 

“Pin The Badge On Chase

This is a Paw Patrol variation of the classic “Pin The Badge” game. In this version of the game, blindfolded players will take turns trying to pin (or stick, since velcro is safer) a badge on a poster of the beloved Chase character. The player who most accurately places the badge wins the game. 

Play a few rounds and make sure that everyone has a chance. You can give a small prize to the winners. It doesn’t have to be Chase. You can substitute the birthday boy’s favorite character and adapt the game accordingly.

Marshall’s Fire Hydrant Ring Toss

This game is in honor of Marshall the Fire Pup. Find an inflatable fire hydrant and have players take turns hurling rings on the hydrant. We suggest using hula hoops. Don’t place the hydrant too far away from the players. Assist the players as needed. Make sure that everyone gets a chance and play several rounds.

Adopt A Puppy

We loved this adorable activity. You are basically setting up a puppy (stuffed animals) adoption center. Your little party-goers are going to love this one. Every guest gets to adopt a little puppy to take home with him. Have fun and print up fake birth/adoption certificates with information about the individual puppies. You can also have premade dog collars, or you can have the children customize their own collars themselves.

Find a crate or a bin and stack all the cute little puppies on top of each other. Or you can create a little picket fence and have them waiting around for their new owners. Buy different types of stuffed doggies to mix it up. For added fun, set up a photo-booth section with Paw Patrol themes. The children can all take photos with their new pets. 

Dog Relay-Races

Here is a simple relay race with a little twist. In these races, the runners are all little dogs. These races are done on all fours. To make it more difficult, you can have players balance something soft on their head while crawling to the finish line. They can try balancing their new stuffed pets on their heads. If the dogs fall off they have to put it back on their head in order to continue crawling.

Marshall’s Water Fight

If the weather is hot, why not schedule a Paw Patrol water fight? If you decide to do so, make sure to let all parents know beforehand so that they can send children with appropriate swimwear and a change of clothing. 

You can get paw patrol water balloons, water pistols, and super soakers. Think of creative ways of setting up fake fires (drawings, posts, etc.) for the children to put out with their “fire-fighting equipment. If you can find some firefighting outfits, some of the children might enjoy being firefighters just like Marshall.

Paw Patrol Arts and Crafts

There are a million arts and crafts activities to do with little children. Check online and you will have an endless supply of excellent ideas. Many sites offer free printable templates for games and activities. You can go for simple coloring exercises or more ambitious projects. Design and color your own personal dog bone out of pre-cut templates.

Dog Party Balloon Race

Your little guests will really enjoy making their own unique silly balloon dogs. Players can draw little faces and ears on their dogs. They can also tape little paper ears to their heads. You can use different types of string to create exotic styles of tails. Try different shaped balloons so that you have silly dogs of all shapes, sizes, and colors. Large and round, long and skinny, etc. 

When the dog balloons are all prepared arrange the group into two teams. Players will then race each other trying to get their personalized balloon dog across the room just by using their chest. No hands! If the balloon falls to the floor, the player has to start again. Make it fun and silly so that little children don’t get too upset if their balloons fall or pop (it will!). It’s a good idea to have back-up balloons for these unavoidable accidents. Let the dog party begin!

Dog, Dog, Chase

This is “Duck, Duck, Goose”, but with a fun Paw Patrol twist. Follow the same rules. Make sure to play several rounds so that everyone gets an opportunity to chase and to be chased. 

Candy Pick-up With Chopsticks

Go to the pet store and purchase some dog feeding bowls.  Players take turns collecting tiny bone-shaped candies with their chopsticks and transferring them from one bowl to another. Give players one minute to see how many bones they can transfer. When the game is over, everyone eats and everyone wins.

Pass The Bone Around

You know that children’s game where you pass a ball around to a song and when it ends the one holding the ball is “out” for the round? Play the same game with a rubber bone. Buy a big fun rubber bone from a pet shop and have the little ones sit in a circle. Let the music begin. “We Pass the Ball Around…..” 

For those who don’t know the original words, I’ve included the lyrics for this revised version of the game I played as a child. Use whatever tune you want. You can increase or decrease the tempo as you sing, in order to make the game more silly and fun.

“We pass the bone around, 

around and around, 

and when the little bone stops,

You…..are…… OUT!” 

Paw Patrol Pinata

paw patrol birthday party games

This one is self-explanatory, even for very little children. You smash the pinata and everyone gets to eat a lot of candy and to collect other little goodies. Have your little birthday girl/boy select a favorite character as the pinata. Your local party store will either have the characters available or will be able to order them for you.

Fill the pinata with a different assortment of candies, stickers, and toys. Players take turns whacking the character in order to get some candy. Find a plastic or rubber bat for safety. As with all parties involving little children make sure to supervise the game so that no one gets hurt. Take a hands-on approach during this game and provide the necessary assistance as you deem appropriate. 

Paw Patrol Obstacle Course

It’s time for some exercise. Have everyone get on all fours and have them work their way through a pre-arranged Paw Patrol obstacle course. Don’t make it too difficult for them. Use cones, create tunnels, etc. The most important thing is to get everyone moving around, jumping, climbing, running, crawling, laughing, and just having fun.

Dog Bone Scavenger Hunt

Purchase some actual dog bones from the pet shop and have fun creating your own unique treasure hunt. Create a simple map and give them plenty of clues. You can buy different colored bones, and then have fun burying them in the yard. Have some shovels handy but don’t make it too hard, since this game is designed for little people. 

Alternatively, you can bury the bones in a sandbox. This is a great option for very little ones who might have difficulty even with a small shovel. Or you can decide to just hide them throughout the yard. You can also purchase stuffed animals (or plastic action figures) of the different characters and hide them throughout the house.

“I Spy” Paw Patrol Version

Hide Paw Patrol themed objects throughout the main room and have the children gather around you. Hand out cards of the different hidden objects and let each participant take turns telling the players what they spy. Assist little children so that they don’t give away the clue. (Ex. Encourage them to find the object based on color. A red fire hydrant. A yellow bulldozer.)

Dog Candy Collar Licorice String

This is a fun and edible arts and craft project where everyone gets to craft their own personalized dog collars. Start by distributing a licorice whip/rope to every child. Kids will have fun stringing different kinds of candies with their licorice whips. When they are finished, they can wear it like a necklace and munch away on their customized collars. Help them tie off their collar/necklaces.

Paw Patrol Says

paw patrol birthday party games

This is a simple take-off on the beloved Simon Says game. Players follow the leaders’ instructions but only if he says “Paw Patrol Says”. Paw Patrol Says touch your head. Paw Patrol Says Jump up and down. Touch your nose. That kind of thing. If a player follows your instruction without hearing the required phrases, he/she is out for the remainder of that round. Players should take turns playing the role of the Paw Patrol leader. Mix up the tempo of the game.

Hide & Go “Chase”

This is “Hide & Go Seek” with a thematic twist. In this game, instead of seeking, you CHASE! Named after the beloved character, this fun version of hide-and-go-seek is perfect for any children’s party. You can have the chaser wear a Chase hat or visor while he is searching for the rest of the players. Players who are discovered and become the chaser will then don the hat themselves.

Paw Patrol Bone Toss

You can buy small bone-shaped dog treats or little rubber bones to play this game. Find a large gift box and draw a large dog face. Cut out a large section for the dog’s mouth.  Players take turns throwing or hurling the bones into the dog’s mouth. You can draw the dog as the birthday girl’s favorite character. The child who gets the most bones in the mouth wins the game. Remember these are little kids so it won’t work unless they are really close to the target. Assist them as needed.