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Peachy & polkadot cocktail invitations

cocktail invitations

The welcoming of early summer has me planning wine tastings and cocktail parties out on the deck every free moment I have. There’s not much I love more than gathering with friends over good drinks while enjoying the cool evening dusk. This cute peach and polkadot printable is a great way to invite friends over. It will set the tone for a fabulous evening of cocktails outdoors. Try it along with a Peach Bellini served in a peach and a set of polkadot balloons. Summertime bliss!

Printable cocktail invitations

Cocktail invitations

Printable cocktail invites

To make the adorable cocktail invitations you will need; a color printer, Adobe Reader (Free Download), thick matte paper stock, scissors, gold ink pen (optional), glitter nail polish or paint (optional), needle or x-acto knife, and brad embellishments.

Start by downloading the printable cocktail invitation PDF file and print onto a thick matte paper stock.

Glitter cocktail invitations

Cocktail invitations

Cut the invitation cards out and also the green leaves. If you prefer to have glittery leaves, follow the instructions on the printable page to glitter each of the leaves.

Puncture a hole where the white dot mark is. You can use needle of x-acto knife. You don’t have to cut a perfect circle since it will be covered by the brad.

Place a leaf on top of the invite, covering the word “Cheers”. Insert the embellishment brads into the overlapping holes and fasten onto the back. The leaf will move side to side to showcase the Cheers on each invitation.

Time for cocktail invites

Enhance the polkadots with a gold ink pen to make a gorgeous glittery presentation for guests.

Hosting a cocktail party is a simple way to celebrate a bridal shower or birthday party this time of year. I love the relaxed feeling of having a bar set with favorite drinks, fresh blooms and a string of lights are all that’s needed to complete the evening.

(Printabl ©A Subtle Revelry by Wita Puspita).

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