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Pegboard birthday candle display

Pegboard birthday candle holder

Last summer we created this fun 10 foot long birthday candelabra. I loved how it completely lit up and transformed a table into a birthday celebration. However the need to drill holes etc didn’t make it something I would turn to for just any party. When I needed an even quicker solution I turned to my favorite long sheet pegboards.

Can you believe it?

The candles fit perfectly!

This pegboard birthday candle holder makes a fun statement and takes literally no time to pull together. One candle for every year sounds like a great way to celebrate to me!

Pegboard birthday candle holder (it's 10 feet long!!!)

Pegboard birthday candle holder

Pegboard birthday candle holder

Pegboard birthday candle holder

To make the pegboard birthday candle holder – I purchased one long piece of pegboard from the local home improvement store and had it cut to size. 10 feet long by 6 inches wide seems just right for holding a mass of birthday candles. A few peach painted triangles add a graphic element to the plain pegboard. I decided to leave our holder white and fill it with the most colorful candles I could find. These bright skinny candles are from the party section at Target, or buy them right here.

The pegboard would be pretty painted a bright color with all white candles too! Ohhh, if you add in flowers and greenery the candle holder would be awesome for a wedding celebration, or anniversary party.

Pegboard birthday candle holder

Pegboard birthday candle holder

Pegboard birthday candle holder (it's 10 feet long!!!!)

Lined up and lit, the candles will brighten an entire space + that much flame is not soon forgotten. Just make sure you get help carrying the holder out to the table (ie. using two heads, not just your own;). It is super big and awkward for one person to carry, especially when lit! Yikes! A second person makes lighting the birthday candle holder much easier too. Light the candles with two people (one coming in from each side) for a quick burst of bright birthday party fun.

(Photography ©A Subtle Revelry by Erin Holland).

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