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Photo Scavenger Hunt

Photo Scavenger Hunt

Looking for a fun family-friendly activity to do with your friends and family? Tired of the regular old treasure and scavenger hunts? Why not modernize it with a photo scavenger hunt! 

The idea is beautifully simple, take as many pictures according to the specifications that the quest list asks, and whoever gets the most points wins! The quest list and prize choices for the winners are up to you but these ideas are sure to give you a running start. 

It’s easy to set up. All you need is to come up with some questions. Though most of these games are possible to play as singles it is much more fun to split up into teams. 

You also don’t need to make each quest item worth the same number of points. In fact, it’s encouraged to give more points to the harder quests. You may want to add a time limit to prevent teams from tasking too long and you don’t want the others to get bored.

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The sun is shining, the birds are singing, the flowers are blooming, and the kids are inside playing video games and on their phones. Though taking the phone away from them is near impossible you may be able to get them outside in the fresh air.

The local park is one of the best and easiest photo scavenger hunts to do as you are sure to know the area well and thus its easy to think of challenges for it and you wont need to travel too far to try it out. 

Some things to include on your scavenger hunt quests could be a selfie on the swings, two pigeons together, cute dog, a couple holding hands, a barbeque, man wearing sunglasses and anything else which is found in your local park.

2. National Park 

Like your local park but on steroids. A national park is best suited as part of a family holiday trip. 

Along with your classic family favourites such as s’mores by the fire, canoeing and fishing you can upgrade the family hike with a difference. Split the family into teams and go looking for things like eagles, specific tree species, a colored mushroom, a fish in a river, a family having a picnic, etc.

Please remember to bring bear spray as there are dangerous animals in the park.  Remain on the designated trails as it is easy to get lost if you wander away from them and the last thing you want on a family holiday is to spend the night out in the wilderness!

3. Beach

The sound of the waves crashing against the shore.  The smell of sun lotion baking in the sun, the feeling of sand between your toes. Who doesn’t love the beach? 

If you are looking to spice up your vanilla beach day out, then a photo scavenger hunt is the way to go. There are plenty of unique things to look out for like seabirds, people with ice cream, purple board shorts, someone playing fetch with their dog, a pretty shell, a crab.  

If you really want to add a challenge, offer extra points to anyone who finds a fisherman in the act of catching a fish. You really cannot run out of quest ideas at the beach. 

4. Disney World (or any theme park)

Planning on taking your family for a magical trip down to Disney world? You can mix it up a bit and create a photo scavenger hunt list in the magical kingdom. 

It will keep them occupied while waiting in line to go on the rides, much more bearable and will help everyone absorb the magic of Disney. 

It’s also super easy to come up with quests.  With so many characters to choose from to add to your quest list.  You can also add in snacks, rides, toys, people wearing Disney hats and shirts, Disney employees playing instruments or cleaning, the list really does go on and on. 

5. Around the House 

When it is too cold and rainy outside and the kids are bored, what the family is yearning for is something to do. Here is your chance to grab a piece of paper and pen to create your home photo scavenger hunt quest list! 

Take a tour of your house and write down some of the more obscure things you have to make for an extra challenge like a book written by a specific author, the most melted candle, a drawing when one of the kids were 5. 

You could possibly take a picture of a family photo which has 3 trees and a cat in it. You could quest less specific things like take a picture of something we got while on holiday, or take a picture of something with black dots, or 3 of the same thing together. 

This photo scavenger hunt idea is better suited to individuals as the space is considerably smaller than a park for example.

6. Around the Neighborhood

You and your family have just moved to a new neighborhood.  You’re ready to throw a housewarming party and are looking for a fun party game. Perhaps you want to introduce the neighborhood to your kids. Maybe you haven’t moved in yet and are looking for a fun weekend activity. 

In any case, the neighborhood is a fantastic and safe place to do a photo scavenger hunt. Is there an interesting quirk on one of the houses nearby? Add it to the list! Or maybe an interesting house name, a crazy tall flower or really old car? Add them too! 

The neighborhood is a top choice for a photo scavenger hunt that is sure to inspire some friendly competition.

7. Museum

Photo Scavenger Hunt

Are your friends’ museum geeks? Or do you just want your kids to acquire an interest in history? There is something for everyone in a museum as it offers a wide range of interests. 

You could go to your local museum or if you are visiting another place you are sure to find a museum somewhere. 

In any case, the museum is one of the best scavenger hunt locations as it is teeming with things from art, skeletons, old weapons, and armor to preserved insects, meteorites and sculptures. A perfect way to add a fun dimension to learning new things.

8. City

When was the last time you went around your city? How long have you overlooked and taken for granted the hidden beauty that lies in your city? Well no more! 

Take to the streets and check out the corners never before explored by you and your family or friends and have a blast searching through the city with a fine-toothed comb.  

You could quest certain restaurants; a street performer playing something unusual; someone eating outdoors. A specific thing that you can only find in specialist shops or even something as “mundane” as a pigeon eating out of a trash can. 

The possibilities are really endless in a city and if you are not careful you may end up on your scavenger hunt for the whole day!

9. Market

Why not go to a market and fulfill that scavenger hunt itch you have? It’s a perfect locale.  There are literally dozens of stalls with possibly hundreds or thousands of items. 

Your list can include food, clothes or mixed up items.  You will definitely have fun with this photo scavenger hunt idea. Challenge your friends or family to find a green shirt, a specific spice, a market seller wearing a hat, a salami or maybe even a crazy looking fish! 

You could meet up halfway through at any interesting food stall for lunch or grab some street food and continue your hunt.  Maybe even pick up a pair of shoes you wanted. That’s the beauty of the market.

10. Road Trip

Are you planning a road trip any time soon? Do your friends and family get bored easily in the car? Well, photo scavenger quantify it! 

A few extra rules are required here to keep the peace. Designate a window for each person to make it fair and don’t allow anyone to put their hands outside the window for safety. You also don’t want anyone to drop their phone out of a moving car too! 

Other than that the rules are the same. List some items or landmarks you expect to see on your journey but try to make it as fair as possible and include things that you can see from either side like special road signs, certain birds like eagles, gas stations, landmarks and hitchhikers just to name a few! 

Keep in mind that the speed adds an extra level of difficulty, as it is more difficult to get a clear photo in a moving car but that’s what adds to the fun. 

11. Aquarium or Zoo

Photo Scavenger Hunt

Full of wacky, weird and wonderful life from all over the world, aquariums and zoos are perhaps the ultimate photo scavenger hunt destinations.

Both venues are easy to come up with quest ideas.  They are fun to explore around. Aquariums and zoos offer an opportunity of endless fun for all ages. 

Try adding famous animals from movies like the Clownfish from Finding Nemo, or lemurs from Madagascar or the majestic lions from The Lion King. 

You could quest for other animals like bats, jellyfish, and insects.  You don’t even have to include animals at all. Add a cup with an interesting pattern on it, for example, or other items that can be found in the zoo/aquarium café or gift shop. 

Speaking of giftshop, that is an ideal place to buy prizes for the winners. Where else will you find a selection of themed gifts.

12. Photo Scavenger Hunt Mix-Up

Want to take your photo scavenger hunt to the next level? Was the last photo scavenger hunt too easy? Or do you want to make the challenge extra hard? Add an extra level of difficulty into the mix by adding a new rule or two.

These could be anything you like but here are some popular ones:

Three Legged Hunt: teams of two take the regular quest list but have to work together because one of their legs are tied to the other! 

The Silent Hunt: you will need a non-participating judge on each team to ensure the rules are followed, but a silent hunt speaks for itself, no talking allowed. 

Eyes and Guides: be extra careful with this one and only play this with older kids or adults. One person on the team is in charge of taking the photo but there is a twist, they have a blindfold on. The rest of the team has to guide them safely to the location of the quest item, but they cannot physically help them take the photo they have to explain it through. 

It’s recommended that the blindfolded person is rotated among the teammates to prevent anyone from getting bored.  It’s also recommended for a judge to accompany each team.

Photo scavenger hunts are a great way to get everyone doing something fun for people of all ages and interests. Have a ball coming up with unique and interesting quests for the challengers. Create a day that everyone will be both enjoyable and memorable. 

You may choose to give a prize to the winner, or it could be just for fun, it’s really up to you! The best part of the whole thing is that you have a wide collection of fun pictures that you can easily compile into an album from all the different quests.  What a treat to be able to look back years from now when you are feeling a little nostalgic about your past fun quests. 

The most important thing is to have fun.  However, as you are hunting, be considerate of passerbys and spectactors who are not a party in the hunt. They may not like having their picture taken without permission. 

Simply explain what you are doing and politely ask if you could take their picture.  You may find that most people will be more than happy to have their picture taken, but just in case have quests which don’t require someone to be in the picture. ENJOY!

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