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Pinks & Pigskins

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How to throw a pink Superbowl party!

The Super Bowl is coming up, and to get ready we’ve teamed up with Target to share #howifootball. Let me just be honest: The thought of greasy nachos and a brown color scheme just doesn’t cut it in my playbook. If I am going to enjoy the game, it has to be in bright, fun and festive style.

Pink footballs, balloons and treats! Now we are talking about a football party I would love to throw.

Here are a few favorite ways to brighten up this year’s Super Bowl parties and make that pigskin something you’ll be looking forward to.

Pigskin manicure

football nail art

A football mani is an easy way to get into the spirit of the weekend. Paint your fingers the color of your favorite team and use the I Heart Nail Art Pen to draw in pigskin stitching.

My nails are most often unpainted (’tis the life of a crafter), but this nail-art pen is really easy to use. The Super Bowl mani is so pretty, it makes me want to get on board with even more big games!

field goal balloons

festive Superbowl party

The next step to making a pink-clad and festive Super Bowl party is obviously balloons! Before you go buying a horrible-looking brown Mylar, think for a minute outside the box. You can get packs of colorful balloons and blow them up to make a goalpost.

I am a big fan of this bright rainbow balloon combo, but the goalpost can just as easily be made out of your beloved team’s colors.

I created this one by first taping a string in the correct form on the wall and then using glue dots to secure the balloons around it. A mix of large balloons, small balloons and metallic tassels will have your house in the football spirit in no time.

A pink Sharpie turns leftover balloons into footballs that the kids will love tossing through the balloon goalpost. If you plan to be partying with kids—or dads who like kid-friendly games—make a competition out of this for half time. Whoever can kick the most field goals wins something yummy.

football snacks

Here are all the goodies I grabbed while at Target for setting up this festive Pigskins + Pink football snacking party.

I was just so happy to find a pink football, and I had to glue a metallic tassel on the end. I mean, that is just football bliss!

Plus, I grabbed all the food and cute serving things necessary to make all my guests (even the non-pink fans) happy.

Sweet & Salty Trail Mix Recipe

Sweet & Salty Trail Mix

When you are looking to make guests happy, this sweet-and-salty dessert trail mix will do the trick every time. It is sweet. It is salty. It is the perfect indulgence for game day. To make it, you will need:

  • Cocoa Puffs
  • Mini marshmallows
  • 1 bag salted peanuts
  • Colorful chocolate candies

Mix all four ingredients (you can even include pretzels if you’d like) together in a large bowl. Set out in smaller canisters around the room

football snacks

football spread

Chips and dip in cute bowls, Pirate’s Booty (which is all my kids ever want to eat anyway) and pink sparkling cider served in sporty glasses is an easy way to set a snack spread out in style.

To create the pigskin on the glasses, we used a Sharpie. A regular Sharpie, not a paint or fabric Sharpie, will wash right off your glasses at the end of the day. Use the easy trick to write in team chants, a logo, or a simple pigskin stitch to pull the entire spread together.

football snacks/spread

Bright, festive and fun is what I am planning for the Super Bowl this year. I mean, who says football has to be about brown and Astroturf? I much prefer to think of it as a day for Pink and Pigskins.

It is way more fun to think outside the box and end up with a celebration that is as much for you as it is for the home team.


What does your Super Bowl look like? #howifootball

(Photography ©A Subtle Revelry by Erin Holland).

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