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Fun and Festive DIY Easter Egg Pinata

Inside: The most festive DIY Easter egg pinata ideas.

Easter is quickly approaching and with it the chance to celebrate in a bright, festive way. This Easter egg pinata – which are part gorgeous design, and part absolute fun, will quickly brighten up your celebration. They are easy to make (using an assembly line style) and pack a wonderful surprise inside that your friends and family will not soon forget.

Easter Pinata

I am thrilled to have partnered with Tiffanie Turner to share her creative process for making these Easter pinata eggs. And for those of you in a time crunch, she sells these all year round!

Pinata Ideas

 Easter pinata ideas

To start your Easter pinata you will need a handful of blown-out jumbo chicken eggs, several feet of floral crepe paper in assorted colors for the fringe, confetti (you can make it from party streamers), baker’s twine or crochet thread for the hangers, household glue, a paintbrush, a little hot glue, and some toothpicks.

It’s always a good idea to work assembly-line style if you’re doing several of these eggs at a time. Blow out and dry your eggs, attach toothpick hangers to all, and then stuff them. After that, you can sit down to the best part – the decorating! You can find a simple technique for blowing out eggs right here.


Easter Egg Pinata

To decorate your Easter Egg Pinata

First, assemble and attach the hangers. Cut twine to desired length and break a toothpick in half. Form a loop for the hanger and apply hot glue at the ends, joining them together. Then quickly and carefully wrap the ends around the small piece of toothpick. Make a hole in the top of an egg just big enough to accommodate the wrapped toothpick and slip it into the hole. Holding the hanger at the center of the egg, add a small dot of hot glue to keep it in the position where it exits the egg.

Then stuff the Easter pinatas! Fill each egg with confetti through the hole in the bottom. Make the hole just big enough to allow the confetti to fit through without much difficulty.


DIY Easter Pinata


Next, cut the fringe. If you use floral crepe paper, there are already 1 3/4″ sections demarcated on it that are perfect for fringe. Cut strips of the paper, then stretch it by running it back and forth along the edge of a table or counter. Fold the strips in half the long way, and then cut slits in the unfolded edge to make the fringe. It’s always nice to have a pile of fringe waiting for you.

As you near the top of the Easter pinata, select a color you’d like to see peeking out at the top the egg. Cut a circle of paper that color with a slit in it so that it can be glued down around the hanger. Continue layering the fringe until the egg is covered.

DIY Easter Egg Pinata


Project design and photography by Tiffanie Turner for A Subtle Revelry. Tiffanie has just installed a collection of over sixty of her Easter egg pinata idea at Rare Device (a must see if you are in San Francisco!), and will move them to her Etsy shop for purchase in April.


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