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Pine cone wreath

The use of pumpkins and pine cones in today’s challenge party was a lovely way to say hello to fall on its first official day! Katie is here to share her tutorial for the pine cone wreath chandeliers below…

The materials:
14” grapevine wreath, ribbon of choice for hanging, brown hemp string, different size pine cones, grapevine wire, orange silk mums.

The process:

  • Cut two long strips of ribbon to hang the chandelier from and tie ribbon around each side of the wreath crossing the two pieces of ribbon.
  • To make pine cone garland for hanging cut strips in differing sizes of brown hemp ribbon.
  • Take the hemp and tie around the end of each pine cone and secure with a knot, use the glue gun to secure the placement of your hemp. Use about 4-7 pine cones for each strand of garland. After the garland is secure you will tie one end of the pine cone garland to the bottom of the grapevine wreath.
  • For the orange mum garland, I used grapevine wire cut about 12 inches long and used the orange flowers that were taken off of their stems. I then used a glue gun to secure the back of the mums onto the grapevine wire making it into one long strand.  (used about 6-7 mums per strand)
  • Feed the end of the wire grapevine onto the bottom of the wreath and place them in between every few strands of pine cones.
  • Hang the chandelier and adjust the placement of all of the hanging garlands and VOILA you will have a beautiful fall chandelier for your home or for your next event.


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