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Pink princess birthday hat- tutorial

Happy Monday! I am really excited about this week, there is so much to share with you. First off the birthday hat tutorial from our Pinwheels & Pearls party. I just adore this hat & it was super easy to make. Later on, I will be sharing the secret Mother’s Day project and announcing the winner of our vintage bike giveaway. I have a few more DIY’s in store this week + the design pictures from our Perfect Pair bridal tasting. Happy Monday indeed…

Make this hat yourself:
Begin with a paper birthday hat mold in the size of hat you desire and a spool of embroidery thread. Tape the thread under the hat to hold in place and begin to wrap the thread around the hat.

Continue wrapping until the paper mold is sufficiently covered (about the length of a 30 Rock episode). Wrap up and down and every which way- the less coherent the wrap the better off you are.

Once the hat is completely covered dredge the entire project in a bowl of liquid fabric stiffener, taking good care to ensure every strand of thread is soaked.

Let dry overnight, until the hat is hard & set. Turn over, cut a small slit in the paper and then carefully tear the mold from underneath the hat. You will be left with a delicate, gorgeous birthday hat for a special little one.

Use pearls, ribbon or other items to decorate the hat and attach a ribbon through the bottom line of thread to hold in place on a wiggle little head. You could also make this hat with a larger mold for a non-child’s birthday.

PS. My favorite Fairy birthday party!


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  • Disney
    April 29, 2010 at 10:38 pm

    This is adorable! And so unique! I’ve got it on the sidebar :o)

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  • Min.
    November 22, 2010 at 4:46 am

    I wish I could make a green one, sprinkle some red glitter over it, and a big yellow felt star on the top. TA-DAH!!! A mini christmas tree! :D

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