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Spider Lady Halloween Costume

Being someone who always screeches a little when a spider is seen in the room, it may seem a bit odd to create an ENTIRE spider Halloween costume around said, creature. (EEEK!) But really, this costume isn’t just spider – it is Spider Lady in all her pink, armsie, glamorousness.

Spider Halloween Costume


src=”” alt=”Pink Spider Halloween Costume” width=”800″ height=”1199″>The pink spider lady Halloween costume is such fun way to bid a nod at the creepy creatures in a bright & whimsical way. It is a cinch to create and can be quickly put on over any outfit you may be sporting, (although I’m always a big fan of pink party skirts).

DIY Spider Halloween Costume

Pink Lady Costume

Pink Spider Lady Halloween Costume

To make the pink spider lady Halloween costume you will need:

Pink Lady Spider Halloween Costume

1. To make the pink spider Halloween costume lady cape – fold the pink felt fabric in half and determine the desired length of your cape. Mark out a quarter circle with chalk or marker at that length with the fold at the center.
2. Cut along that circle and then draw a small circle at the corner for the neck-hole and cut.
3. Free-hand spiderweb-like inverted scallops along the bottom and web-like holes over the rest of the fabric.
4. Cut away at the traced lines. You’ll be cutting through two layers of felt. Pinch the middle of the cutouts with very sharp scissors to make a starting hole.
5. Unfold! Now you have a symmetrical cape for your spider Halloween costume.

6. Cut a small slit on either side of your neckline. Feed a piece of ribbon and knot at the end so you can tie the cape around your neck.

Pink Spider Costume

To make the pink spider lady gloves:

7. Spray paint fake spiders and allow to dry. Once dry hot glue spiders into the full length of the gloves. So creepy and fun!

DIY Spider Costume

To make the pink spider lady glasses:

8. Cut pipe cleaners in half so you have 8 pieces. Then fold each pipe cleaner in half to make legs.
9. Hot glue four on each side of glasses.

DIY Spider Halloween Costume

Halloween Costume

Pair the spider Halloween costume style with a bright pink skirt, pink leggings and an easy going shirt for a spider lady Halloween costume that is as shimmery and fun as you are.

As the bonus – once the spider accessories are removed the outfit will look like a fun take on the everyday. The type of Halloween costume that can go from board meeting to kid’s school party, to grocery store on Tuesday the 31st without missing a beat. My favorite!

Plus, the kids LOVE the spiders on the gloves. You’ll be a big hit with the 6-year-old crowd. ;)

(Photography ©A Subtle Revelry by Ali Denney).

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