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Pinwheels & pearls design (part 2 of 3)

Pearls, tulle, a gated fence and bright bold colors were the backdrop for our pinwheels & pearl party design last weekend. The party design + games made the afternoon seem magical.

I always love to see contrast in design, I am drawn to it. From initial concept I knew this party would need to be held outdoors. I love the varied composition of a gated pinwheel fence, beautiful pearls and a grass yard. There is something magical about beauty intersecting with nature that just is just so lovely to me.

Lines of pinwheels weaved throughout the backyard fence. Thankfully, there was just the slightest breeze Saturday and we all enjoyed watching them dance and twirl in the air.

Above our heads floated hundreds of strung pearls draping down and across the yard.

A white and pink chandelier made the porch feel a bit like a fairy tale. I drove its loveliness back to San Diego last time I was home. Matt hates that I am always filing the car with stuff for our long drives but it is such a sweet payoff to see the $10 brass ugliness from a garage sale turn into the light above. A can of spray paint was an easy way to turn someones trash into a beautiful design focus suspended above our party.

Bouquets of bright and bold pinwheels stood on all the party tables.

For the big kids seating we used a table-top destined for the trash. We rested it on cinder-blocks making it the perfect pint size place. Using a sharpie we drew a pinwheel outline at each child’s seat for them to color in. As place makers plastic pinwheels were a functional and fun option.

The plan had been to throw this table out after the party, but look how lovely it turned out. I cannot seem to get over the sweetness of the scribbles. This table has officially become our new backyard play-station.

Above the gift table we had an area to leave messages for the birthday girl. Pinwheels were set out unfolded and each guest wrote their blessings on the backside to be folded and hung in the frame.

A photo booth was set up on the side of an old shed. There were pinwheels to pose with and a chalk painted frame to write in a sweet birthday message. One of my favorite messages from the day said, “Smile, we loved changing your stinky diapers”.

The backyard was set up with pink, bright green & white blankets covering most of the ground as a unique way to handle seating for over 50 guests. The adults sat, ate and lounged as if they were at a large picnic. The games included a pinwheel bean bag toss to leisurely pass the afternoon away and a white balloon pit for the kids to play in.

I believe I am still floating on a cloud from the magical afternoon we had.

Concept & Design by City Cradle Design, Photography by Michael Chan



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  1. 1. Those pictures look amazing. Having a good photog is going to make a wonderful world of difference for you!
    2. The party is too cute! I love the pinwheel table for the little ones to draw on. So creative!

  2. I feel horrible and must apologize! I did a post on your fabulous party idea last week, but forgot to link to your site! I have gone ahead and updated the post with hopes to make it up to you!

    I just love The City Cradle and I will be checking back in regularly for more amazing inspiration!



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