Here is the final post from our pinwheels & pearls party. I hope you have enjoyed seeing the design and photographs from this sweet birthday.

One of my favorite things about this party was how involved the amazing mom and her close friends were with the design. We worked together and had incredible fun as they handcrafted alongside me for the party. The favors are a great showcase of their talent.

Each little boy at the party received a homemade pinwheel bow-tie for the occassion.

We made the pinwheel bow-ties just long enough for their little necks + a few for the bigger boys as well. They all thoroughly enjoyed taking the ties on and off while posing for pictures during the day.

Instead of bow-ties each of the girls received a pinwheel necklace.

The necklaces were very simple to make and it was nice to hand out favors that we knew would be used again after the party. Necklaces like ours would look lovely for many different party themes.

We also gave out miniature Kaleidoscopes to all the kids for play time.

Lastly, the birthday girl hat- which was one of my favorite pieces of our Pinwheel & Pearl party. The hat was inspired by a gorgeous photo and I was particularly delighted at how it turned out. Here is the tutorial I wrote for it.

Our sweet birthday girl wore it with grace and beauty well beyond her age.
Concept & Design by City Cradle Design, Photography by Michael Chan

Part one- The dessert bar & food
Part two- The design & games

Thanks so much for journeying with me as I tackled number 5 of my 30 parties this year:)