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12 Best Places to Have a Baby Shower

Places to Have a Baby Shower

The most common event space to host a baby shower is in someone’s home. A friend or family member’s home gives events a personal feel, plus, the location is free.

Another popular event space for family-friendly baby showers is a local park. Picnic shelters can be rented online in most communities.

Things to consider when planning a baby shower include the cost (typically $100–$1,000), the event length (two to three hours is a good average), food and beverages for the guests, venue and its included fees, the venue’s capacity, decorations, the age range of the guest list, and your event budget.

Free Places to Have a Baby Shower

Here are some of the best places to have a baby shower. Free locations are perfect for a casual baby shower and help reduce the event budget for the host.


Hosting a baby shower at a close friend or family member’s home makes for an intimate event. Baby shower events can range in size depending on the size of the home.

When holding a baby shower at someone else’s home, the host usually provides food and beverages and decorates their home. The host also has complete control over the budget, making this a budget-friendly baby shower venue.


Places to Have a Baby Shower: Park

A local park is a perfect space for hosting a casual baby shower, depending on the weather. Rent or reserve a covered space in case it rains. Most parks offer covered areas with tables for a small fee or for free.

Parks make good places to host family-friendly baby showers. These venues come with free entertainment for the kids and can accommodate a large gathering at a low cost.

Virtual Baby Shower

Virtual baby showers are another low-cost shower option. Each guest logs into the event on their computer through a video conferencing platform like Zoom or GoogleMeet. Virtual events are perfect for soon-to-be moms who are on bed-rest orders, or those who live far away from their support network.

A virtual event is the cheapest option for hosting an online baby shower unless you pay for the premium streaming service.

Drive-By Baby Shower

Drive-by baby showers are increasingly popular, as they allow each guest to spend time with the mom-to-be. Drive-by showers also limit the risk of sickness that comes with large gatherings.

These showers are low-budget because the host doesn’t need to provide food or beverages, and decorations are kept to a minimum.

Unique and Creative Places to Have a Baby Shower

Does the mother-to-be have a special interest that can be woven into the theme of her baby shower? A special party location adds a personal touch to the shower and doesn’t have to blow the budget.


If the mom-to-be is a beer lover or the baby shower will be a co-ed party, throwing her baby shower at a brewery and making sure an alcohol-free beer option is available can be a perfect way to celebrate her pending arrival.

“A baby is brewing” is a popular baby shower theme when hosted in a brewery.


A library-themed baby shower is a great choice for a book-loving mom. Many women ask for books in lieu of cards at their showers to help build their baby’s library. There’s no better place to hold a baby shower for a family that loves to read than at your local library.

The library is a recommended venue for small, quiet, book-themed baby showers. Food and beverages generally aren’t permitted at this venue, making this a low-cost event location.

Tea Room

Places to Have a Baby Shower: Tea Room

A tea room is an elegant location for a formal baby shower. Contact your local tea room to inquire about reservation rates.

Tea rooms can accommodate intimate to large events, and the cost of decoration is usually reduced because the room is already decorated. Bringing your own family-style snacks and drinks can help control the food and beverage costs associated with the venue.


A museum is a perfect baby shower venue for the mother-to-be who has a special interest or hobby. If you’re hosting children, a local children’s museum or a science and industry museum will keep attendees of all ages entertained.

Most museums have rooms for rent that can hold a variety of group sizes. This can be a more costly event space because it requires that you pay for decorations, museum entrance fees for guests, food, and beverages.


The zoo is a family-friendly location to host a baby shower of any size. Contact your local zoo to rent a space and purchase tickets for your guests.

Like hosting in a museum, the zoo is a memorable, however more expensive, baby shower event option.

Outdoor Places to Have a Baby Shower

Consider the garden or park. There possibly couldn’t be a friendlier option than this one

Here is a list of outdoor places to host a baby shower. Outdoor spaces make great venues that eliminate the need for extensive decorations.

Outdoor locations are also affordable and have reduced health risks associated with large groups of people gathered indoors.


A baby shower at the beach is a perfect casual event and it offers enough space for big gatherings. The beach is a great location for co-ed and family-friendly baby showers, too. If shade isn’t available, tents or umbrellas should be provided for guests.

Rooftop Terrace

Places to Have a Baby Shower: Rooftop Terrace

A rooftop terrace, whether attached to a restaurant or a hotel, is a sophisticated space for a baby shower. An evening soiree under the stars or a daytime city view — both offer perfect backdrops to spend time with the mom-to-be.

A rooftop terrace will need to be decorated. This is an expensive baby shower venue option because you’ll need to pay a rental fee, however, it makes for a beautiful event space for a group of any size.


A shelter in the mountains is a stunning location for a baby shower. Mother nature provides natural décor, so minimal decorations are necessary for this venue. The mountains are a perfect place to host a family-friendly event.


Any venue you choose ultimately has its own unique mix of positives and negatives in price, space, ease of preparation, uniqueness, travel distance, privacy, and atmosphere; all of which have to be carefully considered before making a decision. 

Whether you have a team of friends and family that are willing to help with the preparations or you want to go all out and hire an event organizer is entirely up to you. 

Large or small, grand or subtle, expensive or free, any one of these baby shower locations is sure to offer an unforgettable experience to welcome the newest addition to the big wide world.

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