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plastic animal stir sticks

Pony run stir sticks

Cups filled with ice and yummy drinks are a staple this time of year. To gussy ours up, I added swizzle sticks and ponies! The playful summer combo is quite refreshing.

The animal stir sticks are great for parties; a cowboy cookout, a western bonfire, or an afternoon princess party. The pony sticks adapt easy and can be reimagined with any plastic animal you can find. They’re equally as rad to cheer up a long summer Wednesday at home.

It’s the little revelries that make everyday feel special.

Pony run stir sticks

Pony toy stir sticks

Create your own pony run swizzle sticks with just a few simple materials. Read on here for the full tutorial and learn my sneaky way to make the paint kid and drink friendly.

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