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playing boats

As a nod to the water when we gathered for tea at sea we played a little boat chase game and I would love to share it with you today. I am off for the weekend to enjoy good friends up at the lake. Plan a boat chase for your next lake visit this summer, your next pool party, or to play with your kids in their little pools. For any party or reason they are super fun.

To make the boat shapes follow my paper hat tutorial they are made the same way. Use a few bright colors for a nice showing on the water and write in festive summer notes, kind thoughts for a happy couple, birthday wishes, or whatever your celebration fancy might be. Grab a timer (my cute yellow one is Ikea) and set the boats off to race. Have a prize on hand for whichever boat makes it to the finish line first.

Have a wonderfully fun summer weekend.

Photos by Carly Taylor for a subtle revelry.



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  1. how incredibly innovative are you?! i just am always triggered with insp whenever i visit your space Victoria. not to mention the photo styling is supreme. have a wonderful time while away lades!

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