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pom-pom pendant tutorial

I am thrilled to be kicking off our light series today with a whimsical take on a plain white paper lantern. This pom-pom pendant is so fun and it is sure to garner smiles every time you flip the switch.

Make the pom-pom pendant by starting with a white lantern lamp base and a couple of your favorite colors of yarn. You’ll need to make about 100 simple yarn pom-poms (here is the easiest tutorial for making yarn pom-poms). This part is a little time consuming, but nothing an evening watching Mad Men cannot fix.

Once the pom-poms are made it is time to attach them to the light. You could easily do this with hot glue, although for a longer lasting pendant, thread each pom-pom through the center and attach it to the light with a simple stitch.

Hang the light with a plugin cord from an eye hook on the ceiling. or hardwire into a current light socket and enjoy!

Photography in collaboration with Jocelyn Noel for A Subtle Revelry.


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  1. Shauna, We don’t have cats so I never even thought of that. Now all I can picture is your cat hanging from the pendant in the middle of the ceiling… EEK! This might not be the best project for cat owners. :)

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