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post-it note ornaments

Post-it Notes Christmas Ornaments >> A Subtle Revelry

There’s not much I love more than easy and homemade this time of year. I am excited to be partnering with the Post-it Brand today to blend a bit of festive vibrant holiday décor with an easy project anyone can make in just moments at home. Post-it Note baubles are a cinch to pinch together. I made a stash of them for placing in one of our trees and they bring such a fun boost of whimsy to our space.

Post-it Notes Christmas Ornaments >> A Subtle Revelry

Post-it note Ornaments

Post-it Notes Christmas Ornaments >> A Subtle Revelry

These bright paper baubles are made using Post-it Pop-up Note Dispensers. They are weighted for easy one-handed dispensing, and are refillable with Post-it Pop-up Notes for continued use (because I might just be making these ornaments all month long!).

Post-it Notes Christmas Ornaments >> A Subtle Revelry

To make these Post-it Note ornaments you’ll need bright Post-it Pop-up Notes and a Post-it Pop-up Note Dispenser, glue, and a length of pretty string. Start by collecting the Post-it Notes one-by-one in your hand, alternating adhesive sides so the Post-it Notes will gently stick together. I used anywhere from 20-50 Post-it Notes for each ornament.

Next, wrap that chain around and connect the two ends with glue. Place a glue dot on the end of each pair and stick together. Alternate the glue dots – top on one pair, and bottom on the next, to get a honeycomb effect. Combine the two opposing sides in the center with a dot of glue. I used hot glue for this project, since I am such an impatient crafter – but the paper is thin enough that any basic crafting glue would work.

Post-it Notes Christmas Ornaments >> A Subtle Revelry

Thread a length of embroidery thread through the ornament’s opening and tie at the top. Hang on your tree or string up as garland across the mantel – enjoy a holiday dose of whimsy and fun!

This post is done in partnership with the Post-it Brand. I used their Post-it Pop-Up Note Karate Dispenser and their Post-it Ruby Pop-Up Note Dispenser for this project. And loved them both – the later quickly confiscated by my art loving daughter. They’d make perfect secret Santa gifts and nice presents for all your co-workers.

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