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Post-it note party garland

Post-it Note Party Garland

What could be easier than stringing up Post-its for a party!? I’ve always loved finding ways to re-purpose office supplies like making paper clip garland and brad confetti invites. Post-it’s come in the best colors, making them a perfect supply for party garland.

Whether you are setting up for a kid’s party at home, or surprising a co-worker at the office there are sure to be a few extra sets of Post-it Notes lying around. Make a room filled with the colorful garland in an instant by simply letting the Post-it Notes dangle from the ceiling above.

Post-it Note Party Garland

Post-it Note Party Garland

Post-it Note Party Garland

To get this spunky party look you’ll need the old fashion Post-it Notes that pull from opposing sides. With a set like this – all that’s needed it to secure the top of the paper deck to the ceiling and let it dangle. Make the garland just the right height by pulling the paper to shorten the stack anywhere needed. I love the look of a collection of various heights and colors over a party table.

If the Post-it Notes are strung from one side alone, you will have the added step of running them back and forth individually. It takes a little extra effort, but the effect is totally worth it.

Post-it Note Party Garland

Post-it Note Party Garland

I love the thought of doing a set of these over the desks of my favorite co-workers for an in office birthday they will not soon forget.

PS. How I use Post-it Notes to organize my life.

(Photography ©A Subtle Revelry by Erin Holland).

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