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Post-it® Notes office encouragement board

Post-it encouragement board for the office.

The winter is the hardest time to get motivated. The chilly morning air, coupled with storms and frost make me want to jump back in bed. It’s important for the ASR team to be encouraged and having fun no matter what time of year it is. We all know how severely our mood affects our productivity – for good or bad. To liven up the office for these cold winter months we’ve instituted an office encouragement board! It’s been so fun.

Post-it encouragement board for the office.

Post-it encouragement board for the office.

The concept is simple… Every team member has a color and we aim to write or collect encouraging or uplifting statements to each other. I decided to use Post-it® Notes from the new Post-it Brand World of Color collections for a bright and beautiful way to inspire the team.

The statements get written out on Post-it® Notes and go up on our encouragement board. At the end of every week we can take them or leave them. The Post-it Brand team gave us a selection of Post-it® Notes from the new color palettes to make our board come to life. The colors in this new collection are wildly vibrant (not your normal office supply hues) and perfect for making a design statement in the office.

Post-it encouragement board for the office.

We’ve had the board up for a couple weeks now, and it has really helped. It’s been fun to find things that will encourage each other. I’ve taken my Post-it® Notes down every week to reattach them up on my mirrors at home. Sometimes it’s the little diversions that get us most motivated:)!

To make the encouragement board frame, I used a large piece of frame matting paper. It is a great substitute to buying an expensive frame and comes in nice large sizes. Find these at your local craft store. You can pay to have the board cut for you right there at the store, or take it home with a pair of scissors, although the board is really thick and hard to cut through.

Post-it encouragement board for the office.

To give our frame around the Post-it® Notes the bronzed look, I combined a gold and a metallic paint and just painted right on the mat board. Allow it to fully dry before hanging.

To make a similar board for your home or office, find a color scheme of Post-it® Notes that will work well with the space you have. I really like the new Post-it Brand World of Color selection; each of the packages is a combination of great colors from a world famous city. The Rio de Janeiro collection was the perfect color match for our space and looks great next to the illustrations we have hanging from the book.

Post-it encouragement board for the office.

Write notes, tear out fun statements you see (we grabbed a bunch from our day planners), collect inspiring stickers, anything that is encouraging will work. The Post-it® Notes attach right onto to the wall making an easy to change, instantly motivating piece of art for the office. If you have a large enough wall space, make one frame for every team member and allow others to post in it throughout the week. Instant moral on the gloomiest of days.

This post is done in promotional partnership with Post-it Brand, a brand I use daily at the office. Thanks so much for supporting our partners in revelry!

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