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Pouty lips garland

Pouty lip garland

Today is National Kissing Day! Did you know there was such a thing? To celebrate, a bright set of pouty lips is exactly what we need.

This printable garland will brighten up every space today. It makes me smile thinking of all the bright lipstick and kissing to be had. The pouty lip garland is great for bridal showers, or anniversary moments. I especially love it hanging on the mirror over my makeup, reminding me to be bold with my lips and to always be ready to pucker up!

Pouty lip garland

Pouty lip garland

Pouty lip garland

To make the pouty lip garland print out the lips with our free printable lip garland PDF right here.

Printable pouty lips garland

You will need these materials: Color printer, Adobe Reader (Free Download), thick matte paper stock, scissors, twine or string, sticky or masking tape.

Step 1: Download PDF file and print onto a thick matte paper stock.
Step 2: Cut the pouty lips according to their shapes


Pouty lip garland

Step 3: Flip the lips over and position the string or twine on all of the lips
Step 4: Adhere with Sticky tapes
Step 5: Hang them for decorations!

Make the garland as long as you need. You can even use the garland for wrapping gifts, or leave the lips un-stung and get bright pouty lip confetti for the table… or for the bed;) Even a little strand of these pouty lips will brighten up the day. SMOOCH!

Pouty lip garland

Now go forth and kiss!

PS. How to kiss anyone properly.

(Photography and graphic design ©A Subtle Revelry by Wita Puspita).

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  1. Thank you soooo much for such fun printables!! I love using them at work for my desk and at home too! These are the best! Please keep up adorable design such as these!! Enjoy the weekend!!!

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