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100 Powerful Affirmations for Self Love in 2022 That Work!

Know that there is no one in this world without self-doubt at one time or another. We all need the occasional encouragement and recognition from others or from ourselves.

Instead of relying on others for confirmation all the time, being able fall back on your own affirmations of self-love and being able to empower yourself with the confidence you need every day is the goal we want to help you achieve.

Self care is crucial, and it’s more than just taking yourself to the spa. We have compiled a list of 100 affirmations for self love and healing for you to read whenever you have doubts or fears. 

Affirmations for Self Love on the Exterior and Interior

  1. I am beautiful
  2. I am strong
  3. I am kind 
  4. I deserve happiness and love 
  5. I am worthy
  6. My flaws are unique and beautiful 
  7. I accept who I am 
  8. I cannot change certain things about me, and that’s okay
  9. I have weaknesses, and that’s okay
  10. I have my strengths
  11. I am enough 
  12. Everyone is unique and beautiful 
  13. I love who I am now, and I will love who I am in the future
  14. I don’t need to apologize for being me
  15. I trust myself
  16. I am compassionate
  17. I am thankful
  18. I am grateful 
  19. I am positive
  20. I will practice empathy 
  21. I accept that I may have limitations 
  22. My appearance does not determine my worth
  23. Weight and size do not dictate beauty
  24. I love my body
  25. I appreciate what my body does for me
  26. I accept and am at peace with the way I look
  27. I am healthy
  28. I am confident 
  29. My body deserves love and care
  30. I will not bully my body with my mind
  31. I will not obsess about my appearance 
  32. There are more important things than what I look like
  33. My body and health are gifts
  34. I will practice unconditional love 
  35. I am resilient 

Self Love Affirmations to Boost Your Confidence

I am proud of myself 

  1. I am Human
  2. I did my best
  3. At least I gave it a try
  4. Everyone makes mistakes
  5. I am still learning
  6. I am still growing
  7. I can do it 
  8. I will keep trying
  9. I can let this go
  10. I can and will move forward
  11.  It’s not too late
  12. I trust in the timing of my life
  13. The process is just as important as the end goal 
  14. We are all trying to be better 
  15. I believe in my abilities
  16. I will allow myself to have feelings 
  17. Right here, right now, is where I need to be 
  18. I have much to be thankful for 
  19. Whatever happens, I will be okay
  20.  I respect my boundaries 
  21. I will not let others define me
  22. I will not let others limit me
  23. I will make time for self love morning affirmations 
  24. I am open to life’s opportunities 
  25. This too shall pass 
  26. I can accept compliments without feeling guilty 
  27. I will try my best 
  28. My approval is the only one I need 
  29. I will attract positivity 
  30. I trust my intuition 
  31. I am proud of myself 
  32. I will heal with time 

Self Worth Affirmations for Self Esteem 

I am love

  1. These struggles can become opportunities
  2. I don’t need to beat myself up
  3. Everyone has a past, it does not determine the future
  4. I release myself from my regrets
  5. It’s not helpful to punish myself for my mistakes
  6. I accept my mistakes and failures 
  7. I have done all I can do 
  8. I don’t have to be perfect 
  9. There is no “right time” for anything
  10. I will not compare myself to others
  11. I commit to self love
  12. I have faith in myself 
  13. It’s okay to be me
  14. I am letting go of criticism and judgement
  15. I can handle whatever life throws at me 
  16. I cherish every moment I have 
  17. I am complete alone or in a relationship 
  18. I am everything I need
  19.  I will not let fear hold me back 
  20. I have the capacity for so much love 
  21. I will let go of the past
  22. I will stay present 
  23. I will forgive. I am forgiving. 
  24. I am valued 
  25. I can overcome this 
  26. I can say no 
  27. I will let go of guilt 
  28. I respect myself 
  29. It’s okay to let go of what no longer serves me 
  30. I am open to love 
  31. I am balanced
  32. I choose positivity and love, always 
  33. I am love 

Self Love is an Every Day Thing

There is no right or wrong time to practice self care, reinforce your confidence with positive affirmation self love, and give yourself a much needed boost to your confidence. 

These affirmations are helpful in any situation, but they are most effective when they are used every day, rather than when you’re faced with difficulties.

Self love affirmations can do wonders in areas where you would like to see improvement in your life, such as in relationships, at work, or just to live with more assurance.