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Pretty party lighting

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Now that dusk is setting in earlier, we are moving our evening gatherings indoors, which means one thing: WE NEED LIGHTING!

Hosting a party in a dimly lit room can destroy an otherwise awesome party plan. Unless the party in the dark is done on purpose, like a spooky Halloween house or a black light throwback (wouldn’t that be fun!), it is best to have lights—enough lighting for everyone to mingle and see their food and each other’s expressions without making the room feel like an interrogation center.

Here are six easy tips for bringing in perfect party lighting this fall:

1. Use vintage bulbs

I love the softer glow of vintage bulbs during the cozy fall season. Trade out the bulbs in a few favorite lamps with these vintage looking ones for a hue that will make guests linger all night long. Their circular shape casts a pretty stream of light throughout the entire room.


2. Hang lights overhead

An overhead light is the most important light in a room. If you are not blessed with gorgeous chandeliers, installing a pendant light is easy to do. Use a hook on the ceiling, and a modern pendant like this one. Wind the cord down the wall, tying it around itself a few times for a fun take on lighting that can be moved around for different types of gatherings.


3. Floor lamps belong between chairs or tables

If you end up with a floor lamp directly over your head, it always feels a bit like an interrogation room. Instead, use floor lamps between chairs or off to the side of a table. The light will be softer that way, and it will make your party guests feel more at home. Try placing the Crosby Schoolhouse Floor Lamp over objects like plants or a party decoration to bring light to the exact thing you hope everyone will notice.


4. Taper candles burning in glass give a pretty glow

Instead of lighting regular wide-based candles, you will get a prettier glow from tapers. Placed in a glass vase, the glow will emanate giving off a pretty sense of warmth. Instead of traditional taper candles, I’ve become quite obsessed with using tall party candles. Long party candles can be just as bright and can double as a huge “happy birthday” showoff piece.

5. If you’re not lighting a fire, try a tabletop lamp on the mantle

I’ve been seeing tabletop lamps on mantels everywhere this fall. It is such a fun take on bringing light to the fireplace when you don’t plan to light a fire. Next time you are hosting an evening party, try moving some of the tabletop lamps around to unique places like this to bring light into every corner. My new favorite copper-and-marble table lamp will be a great mantelpiece.

6. Add whimsy and spunk to the decor with a conversation-piece lamp

I love having a lamp or two around that are just for fun. This adorable hedgehog lamp will get laughs from any guest who happens to be seated near it.

And, of course, when all else fails, birthday candles will forever save the day!

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(Photography in order ©Catherine MacBride, Nate & Amanda Howard, Treasures & Travels, Laura Stolfi/Stocksy International).

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