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Printable birthday poster

Printable Birthday Poster

With FB walls and the ability to double tap a friend’s birthday photo – I find my self not sending birthday cards as often as I used to. There is something special about actually receiving a birthday card in the mail though – and even better when it folds out into a bright and fun birthday poster. Send this colorful fold-out birthday poster and show someone they are special enough to actually get mail, not just messages, on their birthday this year.

The colorful poster is also a great way to surprise a friend, teacher, or co-worker. Follow the directions to print out the poster and then tape it up over their computer, on their wind shield (with balloons inside!), or on the classroom door to make a bright birthday day for a very deserving friend.

Printable Birthday Poster

Printable Birthday Poster

One side of the happy birthday poster has 8 different sections that scream bright party fun while the backside has a large happy birthday text display. You can even print this fun file one sided (leave off the happy birthday backside) for a party invitation that will stop friends right in their tracks.

Printable Birthday Poster

Printable Birthday Poster

To make the Happy Birthday Poster you will need:

  • A3 Color printer, Adobe Reader (Free Download)
  • A3 double sided printing paper
  • Scissors
  • Double Sided Tape
  • Hole puncher
  • Colorful origami paper
  • Washi tape

Printable Birthday Poster

Happy Birthday Poster

Step 1: Download the PDF file onto your computer. Use Adobe Reader to open the file.
Step 2: If you own an A3 colour printer, print the front and back pager on both sides of a double sided printing paper. If you don’t, you can take the file to your nearest printing shop and get them to do it for you.
Step 3: Cut out a 2.7 x 2.7 inch square with any colored or pattern paper to make the confetti cone.
Step 4: Follow the folding instructions below.

Step 5: Stick the cone onto the 3rd page, with “Woo” and “Yeah!”
Step 6: Punch some holes on coloured origami paper to make the confetti.
Step 7: Insert the confetti into the cone.
Step 8: Secure with Washi Tape.
Step 9: Fold the Birthday Poster. Front page has to be “Hey You”, It should open to “It’s Party Time” and the confetti cone, and fold out to the four images with “Let’s Eat Cake” and “& Have a Fab Day”, and finally “Happy Birthday Lovely” At the back.

(Graphic design and photography ©A Subtle Revelry by Wita Puspita).

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