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printable doggie bags

DIY doggie bags

Feasting season is upon us and with it my desire for easy comfort meals that can serve a crowd. Whether I am dishing up dinner for a huge holiday gathering or serving up a small weeknight group of friends – finding quick ways to please the crowd is at the top of my priority list. Second only to sending them home with yummy and pretty packages of food. I know everyone is slammed this time of year, so I am happy to partner with Marie Callender’s to share the joy of having a nice meal and leftovers to boot! You just can’t beat that.

I created these bright doggie bags to encourage the feasting of leftovers. They are a fun addition to a holiday feast, or great for any night you want the comfort of your meal to last.

DIY printable doggie bags (print these with an inkjet printer!)

Easy to make pot pies - perfect for a crowd!

Pot pies and doggie bags

Printable paper doggie bags

To make the bright doggie bags download our four doggie bag templates right here. You can print directly onto the bags using an inkjet printer. Just feed the paper bag through the printer on the highest quality setting (the fabric bag must be first taped onto a piece of white computer paper, like what we did in the face decal party balloons). Your guests will be thrilled to stash these baggies away for another busy day.

Doggie Bags

To complement Marie Callender’s awesome and utilitarian pot pies, I made a simple spinach salad. This spinach salad might be basic, but it always wins over a crowd. To make it I combine fresh spinach with olive oil, ground black pepper, avocado, and chopped red onions. The spice and sweetness make the salad a perfect complement to any fall comfort meal.

I place the salads in small plastic cups to make them easy to serve for a party. Topping each cup with a paper doggie bag circle helps to keep the salad fresh and makes them easy to bring home as leftovers.

Easy to make pot pies

Doggie Bags

Everyone will love these… just be sure to keep them away from the real life doggies;).

MC LogoMarie Callender’s creates homemade Pot Pies using a buttery, flaky crust made from scratch and high-quality ingredients such as farm grown vegetables and premium cuts of meat that your family can slow down and savor together.

Compensation was provided for this post by ConAgra. The opinions expressed are mine and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of ConAgra. Thanks for supporting the holiday sponsors that keep me crafting and baking daily! xoxo

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