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A printable party guest book

Happy Monday morning, I finally feel like we are coming out of the haze of being sick around here. This will be a fun week, I have DIY’s to show and one more party theme from last month to share.

One of my favorite touches to the Sherbert & Spice Party was our printable guest book, perfect for any kids event.

We had numbered pages laid out from our printable guest book for each attendee to sign. They read what had been written before and then filled in their page of the story, many colored in the black and white pictures as well. Each guest signed their name at the bottom of the page. It turned out to be a great way to get the whole family involved in the process.

After the party the birthday girl’s mom took the pages of our printable guest book home and bound them together by hole punching the sides and stringing ribbon through them- creating a story book. I’ve been told the birthday girl is having a blast reading her special birthday story over and over again.

Printable guest book

I am handing off this guest book for you to use and re-create. Print out the complete printable guest book template I created by clicking HERE. The book was created using pictures from a compilation of old story books. It prints in all black and white as to work with any part theme. There are 20 story pages included.

Have a table set up at your party for the printable guest book creation- set out the pages & pens or colored pencils to write. Set out a note explaining to all your party guests what to do.

Enjoy watching a riveting story come alive that you and the birthday child will treasure for years.

Photography Credits- Jackie Wonders


PS. I have also designed a printable guest book for weddings see here.


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