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printable unicorn garland

unicorn garland

Unicorns in any form are such a fun addition to a party (unicorn party hats and unicorn cakes for sure). Their magical essence gives me a special fondness for them this time of year. I mean if unicorns are around… anything can happen, right? 2014 might just end up being the year! A perfect reason to grab this printable black and white garland, throw a bit of glitter in the air, and who knows what you might find.

unicorn garland + because anything is possible

Printable Unicorn Garland

printable unicorn garland

To make the printable unicorn party garland grab the free download right here. Print (they come 6 to a sheet), cut out, and follow the arrows for glitter placement. Thread with a metallic string for garland party decor, stick with adhesive onto straws for birthday treats, or tie onto favor packages as simple tags. Make a whole party out of it and bid your guests a fabulously magical time.

Project design and photography by Sibylle, of Funkytime for A Subtle Revelry.

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