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Printed paper lanterns

Printed paper lanterns

I’ve always loved paper lanterns, they are awesome for filling any party space with festive fun. White party lanterns are great for making a room instantly feel like a breezy spring soiree. They are even better when printed and prepped with fun party statements. Sweet. YAY! Hooray. How can we go wrong with that!?!

We tried two different ways to personalize these paper lanterns with A Subtle Revelry style and I really love how they both came out. They are results are super spunky and fun – they’ll be a smashing backdrop for our soon coming warm weather gatherings.

Printed paper lanterns

Printed paper lanterns

Printed paper lanterns

The first creation technique we tried was printing with ink directly on the lanterns. I liked this method because it seems more natural to the project. The printing looks a bit messy though, it was really hard to get solid even lines with the way the lanterns are shaped. Some of the words I really loved, but there are definitely crease marks in all of them.

If the lanterns are done all in a single colortone (ie. black print on white lanterns) this would be my option of choice. The painted on words looked really fun stacked on our piano in the side of the room. If you plan to write directly on the lanterns be sure to let go of your perfectionist leanings and use a very thick marker. Paint didn’t work great and thin markers/normal sharpies looked awful. A thick poster painting marker (or king size Sharpie) will work the best.

The second option we tried was cutting out letters and glue them onto the lanterns. It is a little less natural, but definitely more fun and colorful. The words really stand out and the style is perfect for hanging the lanterns on a ceiling, or stringing along the wall of a party. Even from high up the words are still very visible and fun. This style was my favorite, especially when the paper was glittery and bright. It adds a serious dose of spunk to the space.

YAY paper lantern

paper party lanterns

Whichever way you create them, the party lanterns are a new favorite in my book. A massive decor boost with a very simple idea. Happy party throwing.

PS. Make your own party paper lanterns.

(Photography © A Subtle Revelry by Erin Holland)

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