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Text Printed Table Runner

Here is a really easy way to make any table ready for any celebration. A printed text paper runner! Perfect for Thanksgiving when filled with phrases of thanks.

To make the runner, go to your local copy store with one of the following: a printed version of what you’d like the runner to say, a copy of your favorite quote, phrase, or saying from a book. You could even use a photo. Ask for a blueprint copy – Kinkos calls it a full-size copy. It is a very affordable way to make a black and white copy, the copy will come up to 36 inches wide and can be made to stretch as long as you prefer. This five foot runner cost about $3 to make.

After designing this one for Thanksgiving, my mind has been buzzing of all the great ways to use this idea for the birthdays, anniversaries, and weddings we have coming up.


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    • Yelle, that would be awesome. The copies don’t come in color- since they are so cheap (at Kinkos the black and white is only 30 cents a square foot!). In color it would cost a lot more.

      You could add color with table top accessories though, or even paint a bit of color into the paper after it is printed- that would be pretty.

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