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Pumpkin Mojito Bar

I had great fun dreaming up drinks for the recent pumpkin harvest brunch. I wanted fall but not the normal everyday fall, a special fall drink! When I stumbled across an old rare recipe for a Pumpkin Mojito I knew it would be perfect.

The recipe for the drink was printed out and pinned onto a lace covered frame and set out along with the ingredients. Having a make your own bar is an easy way to set up drinks for a party or wedding. It allows for minimal hostessing work & allows guests to be involved in the process which can be great fun.

You can download the recipe card by clicking below to make your own Pumpkin Mojitos

We set the bar up under a very full lime tree providing fresh fruit for the drinks and a lovely backdrop display.

The combination of fresh fruit, a crisp fall chill and the makings of a unique bar made our pumpkin brunch the perfect official welcome to fall for me… a very hearty welcome indeed!

Photography credits to Carly Taylor.

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