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Q-Tips Artwork

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Creating inspiring art for the house is something I’m super passionate about. Making prints that stand out in a room can be done in so many different ways. Making your own artwork at home allows it to coordinate perfectly with whatever room you are pulling together. When we have a spot to fill I immediately think… pick out your colors and grab a brush.

But not so quick.

Because I’ve found the best artwork pieces use creative techniques for getting fun and unique results. In the past we’ve used celery, rubber bands, paper and even balloons can create awesome artwork that doesn’t break the bank.

This time I experimented by making brushes out of Q-tips. We created a large scale piece for an empty corner in the new house and I love it so much! It’s great fun as a parent to teach our kids about creating their own works of art and this project is easy enough to get the entire family involved.


The different bunches made for a few variations of fun textures on our art work.


We used rubber bands to combine the Q-tips together to form our brushes. A big bunch dipped in a metallic green shimmers in the evening light, while a smaller bunch was combined using tape to get a flatter brush for the wispy heart lines.




The result is a piece of art that is grand in size and style and easy on the budget. Plus there is just something fun about stepping back and enjoying artwork that we’ve made at home.


Have you ever tried a unique way to create artwork? Next time you think about painting, put down the brush and pick up a box of Q-tips to make your style come to life.

(Photography ©A Subtle Revelry by Erin Holland).

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