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Raffia Flower Tutorial

A quick sneak peak at what is in-store for next week…

Raffia flowers. A frugal and lovely addition to a spring time party, or dinner table, or a fun bouquet for someone who has been particularly kind to you this week!

These are super quick to put together and the project costs under $1 for a beautiful bouquet of three.

Make your own Raffia flowers:

1 Cut your raffia into even 12 inch strands. Four strands will make one flower petal. Group as many strands as you would like for the petals. I found eight petals to be a great number for this size flower.

2 Combine the four stands and twist them together forming one cohesive strand, tie the strand off at the bottom to make a petal.

3 Hot glue two petals together at the tied ends.

4 Continue to combine your petals together in twos. Lay your flower out and hot glue the combination petals together forming the complete flower shape. Don’t forget to glue your stem in the middle of the petals.

5 Use a circle of fabric, a pin, a small flower, or a ribbon to place in the middle of your flower for a finished look. I used a circle of fabric and a button so the flowers would coordinate with our theme. Finish off the front and the back of your flowers and they will be ready to stand in for any special occasion.

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